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classwork: corinth



My first Illustration assignment of the year was pretty open-ended, so it devolved into Overextending Myself For The Sake Of Papercrafts and How Many Nerdy Things Can Zee Cram Into A 5x7 Rectangle??

The answer is a lot:
The jewelery this lady here is wearing is vaguely supposed to be Corinthian Bronze, apparently a mixture of gold, silver, and copper, though no extant examples exist so I just… used my gold paper, haha. She’s also wearing it because Corinth, situated as it was on a narrow isthmus and possessing ports and the dragway to get ships from one side to the other, was THE wealthiest city in the Greek world. The Romans had a saying, “Not everyone can go to Corinth,” to say “you can’t have everything in life.” Her little amphora is Corinthian ware, the local clay was a pale yellow and made for a very distinct style of black-figure, with themes mostly concerned with mythical animals in friezes. I mirrored that on her chiton as well. The local building material, besides the clay and terracotta, was not the usual marble but a yellow sandstone, so that’s what the Corinthian-style columns are made of. The term “Well-Watered Corinth” refers to the city’s abundant natural springs. Finally, the hill behind her is the Acrocorinth, where temples are traditionally set. OH and Pegasuses feature heavily because the myth was set in Corinth, and it was even on their coins!

Still with me? Yeah, I’m super pleased with this even though my hands are still aching and the scanner didn’t pick up any of the lovely pleats in some of the papers. Ah well, not everyone can go to corinth, eh?

done all in paper
art copyright ~Kaede-chama
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The concept is great. About the saying you quoted, I think that was due to the destruction of Corinth in 146 b.C., when Romans won and took away almost all they could. =)