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Daily Deviation
July 11, 2011
Lil-Divil Sculpt by *Kaduflyer A sculpt that has garnered many favorites already; however, it is a piece that all sculptors should study and learn from--the magical imagination of this artist and the exquisite and lifelike detail rendered here has resulted in a stunningly beautiful creation.
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Lil-Divil Sculpt

This little lady has been trotting around my mental menagerie for some years now...she's actually still in there but has been almost crowded out by the faeries and beasties...After I did the painting of her I decided she'd make a great garage kit. I sculpted her in initially in wax then finished her in car body filler, moulded her and turned this one out...because I am possibly the most lazy artist on the planet the whole garage kit idea never happened..the moulds rotted away and she now gathers dust on my studio shelves.
I've been toying with the idea of sculpting a full sized version of her lately...if only I wasn't so damn lazy!!!!!
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MythosArcane's avatar
She is so beautiful. I would definitely be interested in a garage kit.   There are several companies that could do an accurate 3D scan of her and mass print her in plastic or resin.  You could always do some pre-orders through crowd sourcing if capital for a first run is an issue. 
Kaduflyer's avatar
Probably the most cryptic message I've ever received!!….lol…Does it mean anything?
Kaduflyer's avatar
Ah…ok…well I'm in deep shit then…I see her every day!!!!
ThanatosPrm's avatar
Wow, this is the most beautiful sculpture i have ever seen!!!!! Amazing!!!

 I wanted to ask the same as the guy that posted for before me. Do you still make, or have any plans on making more of this beautiful sculpture? I would be interested in buying if i could afford it.
Kaduflyer's avatar
Thanks for the kind words!

A remake of her is definitely still being planned….I now have a workshop at least, so it's just finding the time to do the actual work. Rest assured as soon as she's been remodelled and is in production I will advertise here as well as FaceBook…..just keep your eyes peeled! 
Could I purchase a copy?  I'd even be interested in a blank unpainted mold.
Kaduflyer's avatar
I currently have plans on remodelling her and putting her into production…she's a popular gal!!….keep an eye on my page here or my FB page for details.
DraakeT's avatar
Hey David, i hope you all good. Are you busy in some project?
 i used again your impressive creature here -------->… I created a speficif landscape for her...and i don't know if you will like it.
PRobably she is hunting for some good unicorn for the dinner. i remember she is carnivore :devilish:

well this time inspired from the atmosphere by an old movie of Ridley Scott, Legend 1985 with tom cruise…
probably you know the effects of that movie :D well today just a bit older :D
Kaduflyer's avatar
Hi...yeah I'm busy as usual. Currently working on Game of Thrones, which is great as I'm a huge fan and also doing design work for Dr Who...which is always fun.

i think your latest version is your best yet, I like that you have to look for her in the landscape, it makes it feel like a real wildlife photo.

i went to see Legend when it first came out...yeah I'm old!....and I was so excited to see what two of my favourite film creators, Ridley Scott and Rob Bottin would come up say I was disappointed would be a massive understatement! I absolutely hated the film. Apart from one or two sequences that look stunning it embodies everything I hate about fantasy cinema!
DraakeT's avatar
ultra cool!!!

ohh Rob Bottin for me he is still a great genious! His creative creatures are still so impressive. In my opinion noone has been able to create something amazing like these 2 faces....And probably you know he is also an artist copied a lot in various "actual" videogames like for example death… Art completely copied from him.

Oh yes that movie in my opinion is really mediocre and me too i like only some scene and some particular atmosphere. but he is forgiven thanks Alien and Blade Runner :D and in my opinion Alien is still the best sci-fi movie on this earth..i know tons of ultra mega tec. movies with tons and tons of effects but noone like the first Alien.
Better don't talk about the disappointing prometheus.....

About the statue....what about the lil-divil full size version?

Kaduflyer's avatar
Full size version is still some time off...though I have a studio now where she could be sculpted, so it's getting closer!
DraakeT's avatar
oh fantastic! I am a dummy! 
Breathtaking work. This is an absolutely stunning piece. So cute and graceful looking.
nush4e's avatar
I've been trying to forget about ever owning this.... But failing.
Still loving this to pieces. It's just no use.

So I've been thinking. How about a kickstarter? That way you'd know if there was a point to it before you put in the effort... Since you're lazy and all ;)
There's so much crap being sold, uninspired, run of the mill.
But this figure... it's very hard to get the legs look believable in my opinion, and this just nails it.  I can't really think of anything else I ever saw that's as convincing as this.

It breaks my heart that something you should be immensely proud of just gathers dust on a shelf.
Kaduflyer's avatar
Sorry for taking my time replying to this.

I'm not a big enthusiast of the whole Kickstarter programme. I think when it first started it was an exciting, original idea, but I think its been abused and over used for ridiculous things and so consequently has lost a lot of its credentials.
However, I am going to resculpt Lil-Divil this year. She will be slightly larger than this one and probably with a slightly different pose…I hate repeating myself for a start and her legs need a better/stronger arrangement. Eventually I will be marketing her in unpainted form so either watch this space or friend me on FB (where I will be conducting most of my business) for further details.
nush4e's avatar
That's ok. Good news is never late and this is the best news I've had all year! And the first three months have already been pretty swell :)
I'm confident you'll make her even better looking the second time around. I'll be first in line to buy it *grabs sleeping bag*
kitmangore's avatar
I've admired this sculpt for a long time now its quite beautiful if I were you I would definitely get it scanned and printed. You would make a lot of people very happy! :) 
Kaduflyer's avatar
3D printing is certainly something I'm going to be looking into in the very near future.....either for this piece or new pieces created specifically with that in mind.
deoggy's avatar
Thats definitive a "Wanne Have" Figure for people who collect Fantasy figures and i definitive wanne have one :D so as soon as you get them printed as Figure let us know.

PS: 10-12 inch would be Awesome
Marvelous work!
alesgazic's avatar
Very, very nice !
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