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Count Batula

He's a Bat guy who's also a vampire, which gives him the power to transform himself into a terrifying human! I was going to depict him in his horrific human form but then realised most of you looking at this are probably human…so wouldn't find it that horrifying? (it gets confusing in my head sometimes)

One of four original Z-Brush and PhotoShop character designs I created for The Prosthetics Event Convention in Birmingham UK.
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UHM why is a picture of me on this website X'D
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Haha...I get my inspiration from MANY people!
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Oh my God that's creepy!
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Really?? his particular circle of friends he's known as the 'looker'!
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Really neat!! He's pretty cool anyways it's just like I can see the veins in the ears and stuff and it gives me chill!!! *Gets chills* lol I love it though
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When I'm making many of these things I often have my tongue firmly in my cheek...I think they're funny...and then people like yourself have a totally different perception of's all cool though; I'm just happy people enjoy them and any reaction is better than no reaction.
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Honestly, I find this far more humorous than terrifying...I guess I've just seen way to many cartoons. He reminds me of something Tex Avery might have drawn. ^^

Nevertheless, damn well done! :)
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Lol…don't worry…he's supposed to be silly and funny…and I'll take a comparison to Tex Avery any day as the highest of compliments, thank you!
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Always a pleasure! :bow:
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Very cartoonish but creepy design! Excellent work. 
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Brilliant work!
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From the Elves to the Monsters is not a big step to this!
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He looks like he's about to sneeze and considering the size of his nostrils that's ought to leave a right mess.

Looking at this reminds me that I need to finally learn and ultimately switch to z-brush as my main medium. I'm not making that much of an impact as a painter it seems and I've always been a better sculptor than painter anyway. It would probably be the sensible thing to pursue.

Amazing work, Sir!
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Obviousely I have no idea how much 'headway' you are making as a painter. If you feel you lack that it's certainly not anything to do with the quality of your work which is fantastic. The fantasy art market is just full of the most amazing artists so I guess getting noticed is somewhat hard, so maybe Z-Brush will give you an edge or something….I'd be very eager to see your results. 
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I love the way your brain works XD
Awesome picture! The detail is amazing.
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It gets a little confusing here in my head sometimes…so it's nice to know someone likes it…lol.
Thanks for the very kind words!
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Dracula in Person
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now i know what you look like when your watching the ballgame and the wife changes the channel
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