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An Owners Guide

By Kaduflyer
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This book doesn't exist (like my doctorate)...maybe one day, if I pull my finger out and do some more work, it will!!

This is my personal favourite faerie and perversely seems to be the least popular...I've no idea why!
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Uhhhh ... WTF???

Not the most popular of faeries???  I can't possibly understand why.

I love faeries, elves, pixies, and all their darling and controversial relatives.  This one is absolutely adorable.

As a gentle reminder ... if this one is still in the works, I'd like to gently suggest an update ... please?  :D

Truly gorgeous ... Doctor.  :)
Kaduflyer's avatar
I think this piece has picked up a few pages of comments and favs over the years, but it still remains my least fav'd faerie post I think.
A number of people have offered suggestions as to why: a dark skinned girl, naked and in chains equating to African slavery (something that hadn't occurred to me when painting this) or maybe the fact she's eating something furry and gooey! Or the usual 'percieved age' thing again..whatever, it's not something I lose sleep over.
Not quite sure what you mean by '...still in the works...' but I'm always happy and intrigued to hear other people's ideas.
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Faved this beautiful work of art.

Apparently I was so taken by it when I posted my original thoughts I forgot to do that.

Problem resolved ..............

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People are truly ignorant beasts when it comes to things they don't understand nor agree with. 

When it comes to art involving people of color, lack of clothing, younger aged characters, sensitive subjects because of past world events, and blatant nudity, any sense of civilization is lost on them.  They react as if their future is being determined by what's hidden behind their eyes, and within their own mind.  They obviously don't want others to discover their secrets.  Hypocrites!!!

The comment regarding "still in the works" is from a prior post by one of your fans regarding an update to this image or more images like it.  I love this creation, and I'd love to see more just like it, or themed similarly.

Looking forward to any and all updates of your work.
Kaduflyer's avatar
I have finally made a start on my 'magnum opus', a definitive book about my faeries. Because of this I'm kinda hoarding all my new faerie art and won't release any of it till the book is ready for publication, at which time I'll trickle a few pieces out as a way of advertising its sale. However, I've a LOT of work still to do on it, so please be patient and watch his space for updates.
Rewdius's avatar
LOL ... reminding me to be patient about an impending work of fiction is like asking you to *WANT* to paint or draw.  :)

I'm very aware of what's involved in crafting and creating a work of written love, as I've already published two novels at a self-publishing house. 

You should be seeing a couple of new comments from your other work ... "The Odd Couple" ...
... regarding my knowledge, experience, and passion when it comes to crafting a work of fiction. 

Unfortunately because those works are adult erotic novels, and are frowned up by the folks here at DA, I'll have to reserve comment on their names and that of my nom de plume.  :D

If I can help or advise you on how I did mine, or any aspect of writing, I'd be pleased to do so.  To wit ... I'll include a link to a post I made in 2016 titled "Writing Fiction For the Average Person" regarding some of the simpler concepts and notions of writing ... seen here:
Writing Fiction For the Average PersonCopyright 2016, Eliston Gaulfre, aka Rewdius
This article will attempt to illustrate how the non-writer can begin to explore the craft of creating fiction without having to worry about editors, publishers, an audience, or even if any thoughts and ideas are worthy of jotting down.  Since the premise of this site is to support or in support of delightfully flavored art this article will lean ever-so-slightly toward writing fiction beyond the bounds of the local tabloid or community paper, although no specific advice about creating adult erotic fiction is provided.  Some basic concepts will be explored, a few potential reasons for writing, how to construct the framework of a short story, and what to consider when troubled by things that are far beyond the novice writer's knowledge and experience.
What's Inside
Prologue ... or where to begin
Quotes about fiction

I hope you find it useful in some manner.
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I'd rather have your book on faeries than Brian Froud's.
Kaduflyer's avatar
That's very kind of you to's still a very real possibility..just don't hold your breath waiting!
nehcy's avatar
if I may did you do the book?
ummm... and sorry for asking, is it possible to ask for the bigger resolution?  sorry
Kaduflyer's avatar
No I never did do the book....I do have one planned eventually, not this one exactly but a faerie book of some sort.
as for a bigger resolution...I'm away from home for the next two or three months so don't have access to my computer where the original file for this resides....when I get back I'll try and post a bigger version if I remember.
nehcy's avatar
Thanks :) I'll try not to forget and annoy you in a few months again
It may be the leats popular because it's the most controversial; partly in the outside appearance ( black + young girl + slave collar ), partly in what I take to be its message, i.e. how do we deal with the wild, vital part in us.

It's remarkable art, by the way
Djake's avatar
I think she's my favourite character in your line-up as well. Personally; though I prefer her flying free and hanging out with that kid wearing your avatar on his shirt. -_^
On a technical/designe note, I think I prefer her with the camouflage markings.
Kaduflyer's avatar one wants to see a chained faerie I guess!

I'm undecided about the camouflage. I really like the idea and in the story I'm writing she has it. But artistically I'm not a flattens form and causes the blurriness I mention in the if I continue painting those two characters I'm not sure I'd keep it.
Djake's avatar
Hmmm... You might consider making the splotches a little darker/bolder than they were in the last depiction, to get her to show up better - something more mammalian (giraffes, hunting cats, etc.) rather than the seemingly aquatically-inspired markings. Personally, I thought it made for a more realistic texture, rather than washing her out - but that's just my humble opinion.
Kaduflyer's avatar
I've done stripy girls like that before...and I'm pretty certain that's what I intent end with thus one....I can't for the life of me remember why I changed tack...I mess about lots with my ideas...sometimes they work...sometimes they don't :)
vebelfetzer's avatar
despite this being very technically proficient, i think it being the "least popular" (as you said) of your work probably has to do with the girl looking about 12 years old, african-american, and wearing an iron collar, with a facial expression that looks fearful/hurt.

in short, she looks like an abused black child sex slave. hope that clears up some of the mystery for you.
Kaduflyer's avatar
When I finished this piece back in 2006 most of the things that you've pointed out were apparent to me. I never say much in the descriptions of my work as I don't want to lead people into thinking one way or the other about them...I want them to form their own opinions and more importantly to 'hear' their own opinions.
What is REALLY interesting is that you are the first person in 6 years to have given voice to those possible interpretations...I'm sure others have thought them but have been too reticent to express them (hence the low comment count on this piece).

In reply to some of your comments. Since the fake book this piece pretends to be the illustration to is about capturing, training and caring for wild faeries she actually IS a would be any creature taken by force from its natural habitat. Your use of the phrase 'sex slave' is like something from the sensationalistic tabloid press...there is nothing about this picture that is intended to express fact she's in the middle of eating a rather nasty meal so nothing sexual there at That she is a 'slave' then is quite apparent, what TYPE of slave however is, I feel dependent on the whim and inclination of each viewer's interpretation. If you see sex slave then that's cool by me, but that was never the intention.

Proving that it is all just a matter of personal interpretation; One of my proudest moments as an artist was to be given an honourary citation by the Artists of Colour for representing people of colour in a positive manner.
vebelfetzer's avatar
...not to mention the title of the hypothetical book being "an owner's guide".
Heckfire's avatar

...LOL, not all faeries are from Disney.
Kaduflyer's avatar
lol.....yeah...I try for a different kind of cuteness.
noturordinaryangel's avatar
i love that u show the dark side of the fae world, everyone assumes they are all pretty little tinkerbells but more than anything the fae are know to be cruel tricksters. thanks for the creative work
Kaduflyer's avatar
Cruel tricksters indeed....if people read the original fairy tales they'd be horrified I suspect!
noturordinaryangel's avatar
no lie! if you like fae stuff they are working on a movie to be released in 2012 called wicked lovely. its based off of the wicked lovely book series by melissa marr. if it sticks to the book you get a lil of the dark underbelly of the fae world and how they arent all pretty little winged things
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