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Team 8 - What Could Have Been



Fan Art for my favorite fanfiction author, S'TarKan.
You can find him here [link] at veridian dreams, or here [link] on
This particular little treat is my rendition of team 8's team photo from S'TarKan's story "Team 8." I love it. You should too. READ IT NAO!
*cough* I mean. *Shino voice* It is advisable that you investigate for yourself.

Anyway. I think I did pretty good. I don't think I slaughtered anybody too bad... well maybe Kurenai-sensei... but she made it difficult, so it's her own fault.
Although I did forget a few things on Naruto and Shino's outfits. *shrugs* Sue me.
And those lines on the picture frame? Totally straight. They are now anyway. <<

You know it.


I thought Naruto's hair looked ok... then I colored it. Now it looks all wrong somehow...
And it is late. I will do shading later... maybe.
Plus, my background shkeelz are top notch and you know it.

Disclaimer: Though it hurts me to say it, Naruto and all of the story's characters do not belong to me, or S'TarKan. Sad day. I know.
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Kurenai was awesome in that story.