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I'm moosader.deviantart.com
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My Bio
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Foreign stuff, Indie Rock, Game soundtracks, anything with piano or violins. <3
Favourite photographer: My little sister. And Des.
Operating System: WinXP
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Favourite cartoon character: Excel (excel saga), Genzo Soga (A cheeky angel), Bobobo (Bobobo-bo...)
Personal Quote: Make lunch, not war!

Favourite Visual Artist
Trillky, extvia, xxshrinerxx, xXMintXx, and luciole
Favourite Movies
Dangeresque 1, The lost skeleton of Cadavra, Bowfinger, Anchorman
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Faint, Imogen Heap, Rob Zombie, Killswitch Engage
Favourite Writers
I hate [most] poetry ^^;
Favourite Games
MGS 1&2&3, Psychonauts, Monkey Island, TrackMania, Legend of Mana, Unreal Tournament 2004
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, DS, PC, Wii
Tools of the Trade
Pencils, pens, Flash 4.0, paint shop pro, Code::Blocks, Allegro, OpenGL
Other Interests
Animating, Video games, Anime, Piano, Programming, Brandononono~

Moving Account

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Heyo peoples. &nbsp;On a whim, I created a new DeviantArt ID, woo! Yes, I'm giving up my precious 7,000 pageviews. ;_; Why am I changing? &nbsp;Well, because I'm not Finnish (Kadotuksen-lusikka means "spoon of doom") and also, because the name is so FREAKIN long! &nbsp;Even though I have no problem typing it out, nobody can remember it! &nbsp;I have a much more simple name now. @_@; &nbsp;Also, I have to study Physics, so I'm naturally procrastinating. ~_~;; I know some people delete all their deviations when they close an account, but I have so many I'm going to keep 'em here. >_>;; NEW ID: ~Moosader (https://www.deviantart.com/moosader) :iconMoosader: :iconMoosader: :iconMoosader: :iconMoosad
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PC Games

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Alas, PC has not been my choice gaming platform since the 90's, but now that I've upgraded I'm looking for stuff to play. I love Unreal Tournament 3, the Half Life 2 series, and TrackMania (seriously, is that all it boils down to these days? 0.o). &nbsp;There aren't very many PC games that interest me these days, though. &nbsp;Not even Bioshock seems interesting. Though the PC port of Assassin's Creed I will definitely check out. And I'd love to see more games that are like Beyond Good and Evil and Psychonauts, gameplay and graphics wise (seriously, the games are beautiful, but not realistic). I also need to install Rose's copy of The Witcher on my
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So how would one say "Picking Sticks" or something in foreign languages? And maybe "Picked", "Exit", and "Start"? =P ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My boyfriend ~Chaotis (https://www.deviantart.com/chaotis) My club: :icongamedev-alliance: My sibilings :iconSupaFrank: Real Lifey Friends :iconGigaSonic71: :iconLaughingDude: :iconJawa64: Onliney Friends :iconTumoas: :iconDesincarnage: :iconToadster: :iconPsyPing: :iconKilgariff: :iconIdendenied: :iconFlyingMarshmallows:
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Very cool gallery!
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I still have at least one favorite on the Team Fortress 2 Halloween costumes every time I log into it.
Holy crap, a female game developer. what has the world come to ?!
Eheh, yes! I have broken free of the mold of girls who dislike programming and I am here to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! O_O
Thanks for the fave! :D Your gallery is awesome!

:heart: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY :heart:
:heart:Thanks for watching me:heart: