Broken down Daleks
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Published: September 2, 2012
Note: Spoilers for Dr Who below.

The current season of Dr Who just started, and I had fun, but I was a little disappointed. After the "Pond Life" buildup of the breakup of Amy and Rory it got resolved a little too quickly. I would have liked it if they could have made it take more than a five minute conversation to solve what was supposed to be a larger problem. Nope, the Doctor just makes them talk for a minute and it turns out that nothing's wrong.

And the Amy x Rory relationship had been the one that I believed the most.

The daleks on this asylum were all broken down and old. I thought they could have played more with the idea of dalek insanity. As it was, the daleks all seemed to be more or less normal, just in need of maintenance for their battle armor. Erasing the daleks' memories of the Doctor also seems... strange. I can't see how that can help the series out.

The new plot device of "any organic being can be a dalek" seems interesting. I'm also curious as to how they'll turn Oswin into the new companion. It would be sad if they changed her story line from "she saved the Doctor" to "the Doctor saved her".

Overall, I thought the episode was fun, but I'm growing more concerned about the overall plot line of the series. I'm worried that in the last few episodes we're going to see some deus ex machina which invalidates most of the series up until that point. I'd rather not see the accidentally destroyed timeline of an interesting character like River Song happen again. (Seriously, think about her personal timeline, it doesn't make sense)

I'm hoping we see more of the Silence and perception filters and all that in the next few episodes, or perhaps some background on the headless monks. They seemed interesting. Or a headless monk converted into a dalek, how about that?

Enough random ranting for now. I need to finish editing this podcast.
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