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and it was cool <3
  • Watching: supernatural
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I can't draw furrys or hentai 
mech are super hard but I can try 
  • Watching: supernatural
  • Eating: nothing!
ok, it's time to start my projects!
I really don't  know how to find customers for commissions LOL
  • Reading: joyland
  • Playing: dark soul 3
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I having this drawing block about my travel diary .... the next chapter is not as funny and interesting as the others and I have to rethink how to talk about it 
or else I won't have any fun drawing it !! 
by the way I saw the ep 1 saison 3 of black mirror ... what a masterpiece ! 

c'est le moment de redécorer pour l'été !!!
40% sur plus de la moitié de mes  dessins originaux avec le code "SUMMER"

there is sales on my online shop!
40% off  on most of the things with the code " SUMMER"
  • Reading: joyland
  • Playing: dark soul 3
  • Eating: nothing!
only 12 pages to go!
I feel  so excited !!
I don't know what I will do with this project ....
maybe print it for my friends and family

I really enjoy using different techniques and style .... 
and I use a shitload of gouache and pink color pencil XD
I try to be organized on a personal project ....alone
It's been years  that I've been working for companies with team and schedule and It's really difficult and challenging to make his own.
I wondering how people could stay motivated on long projects as comics or books when they work alone
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Yeah! I've updated my web site! 
Month ago I've printed business cards with my website URL on it , but it was so ugly and messy that I was ashamed  and didn't gave any...
Now Iam proud and Iam gonna show it to everyone!
  • Watching: Agent carter
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Great new!
I Launch my Patreon today!!!
On my patreon , there will be My web comic " NoBrainsInside" in English

and for my Patreon: exclusif content, tutorials, wip, and nsfw stuffs!

Patreons will also benefit discount on commissions 

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Because I've made so many drawing during Inktober , It's time to  sell it! 
here's my tictail shop!
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our game is about to be lunch in europe ! I can't wait 
  • Listening to: Gil Scott-Heron & jamie xx
  • Reading: eiji yoshikawa's musashi
  • Watching: bravest wariors
  • Playing: BATMAN!!
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some news!
iam working with Gumi europe on a new mobile phone game as a 2D illustrator
some news here:
( I made most of the dishes you can see on this page!)

My personals  projects for 2014
learn and make a game ALONE on multi media fusion
make moooore illustrations
begin or finish a short comic novel 

see you sooon!

quelques actualités:
Je travaille toujours avec gumi europe sur un jeu mobil qui ne devrait pas tarder à sortir en tant qu'illustratrice 2D
plus d'informations ici ;
( j'ai réalisé la plupart des plats que vous pouvez voir sur cette page!)

Mes projets perso pour 2014
Apprendre à se servir de Multi media Fusion et faire un jeu TOUTE SEULE!
faire plus d'illustrations
commencer ou finir une BD courte

à plus !

ps: merci de me suivre sur deviant art , j'vous aime putain !
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  • Reading: 1Q84
  • Watching: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Playing: BATMAN!!
  • Eating: Madeleines au chocolat de chez lolmede
  • Drinking: FOIE GRAS , yes FOIE GRAS!
o HI!
Iam now a Freelance and it's feels so good to have time for my own project!
right now iam :
-Trying to learn Paint tool sai
-Making the story board for my very old comic project with one of my friend for the scenario : " Bikinuns"
-Try to make some nice graphics for a really fun video game my friends are developing WITH ROBOTS
-Learning HTML  and maybe one day i could build my own page!
-Try to get some job as a freelance

I also decide to open commision
so do not hesitate to contact me for more details!

Hey Salut!
je suis maintenant Freelance et c'est vraiment cool d'avoir du temps pour ses propres projets!
j'en profite pour faire plein de trucs cool comme :
- Essayer de me perfectionner en Paint Tool Sai
- Finir de commencer ce vieux projet de BD qui me trotte dans la tete depuis presque 10 ans ; avec gnurf au scenario: BIKINONES
- Faire les graphismes d'un jeu que des potes ont développé ET YA PLEIN DE ROBOTS DEDANS
- apprendre l'HTML pour peut être faire un vrai site un jour
- postuler pour du travail en temps que freelance

j'ai également décidé d'ouvrir les " commissions" alors si vous avez des idées d'illustration n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'informations!
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it's been a while!
now Iam working as a graphic designer in a facebook game compagny around Paris ( france)
i still have to learn a LOOOOOOOOt of things!
ho yeah!
  • Eating: blue berry pie
  • Drinking: a lot of water!
I have to illustrate the new book of " Crimes" a French book of  horror  role playing game
this time , it's all about  anatomy , medicine and fetus in formalin! yummy !

I've just up date my  blog, this time ,it's all in English ( sorry for my bad grammar and stuff...)

see you  

  • Eating: blue berry pie
  • Drinking: a lot of water!