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Mowgli and Bagheera

By KadeWolfe
THE JUNGLE BOOK's Mowgli and Bagheera...just started reading the book and had to do a quick fanart piece

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Cambion-Hunter's avatar
A well done rendition of the two and quite endearing.
yumeResonnance's avatar
I love Mowgli's face Xp
Dragonrider1227's avatar
This is pretty good. The art is great and his lack of loin cloth does not bother me as it as a couple of other people. It harkens to his book roots and quite frankly, is kind of cute XD
Freddy-Kruegerplz's avatar
Great piece. 8-)
Any other ideas for Mowgli/Jungle Book stuff?
KadeWolfe's avatar
not really...i just really enjoyed these twos relationship in the original Ruyard Kipling book. so i drew this.
Freddy-Kruegerplz's avatar
Cool. Maybe one with Baloo in the Future, perhaps. :thumbsup::)
could u make a pic of mowgli with kaa but in this style of animation and kaa is covering mowgli's thingie with his huge coils
alltheway96's avatar
this has been in my favourites a while, but just came accross it again and am still in love with it!

the shading is perfection, as is both bagheera's and mowgli's expressions!!!

bagheera: i love this mancub, but i must at least pretend like this is undignified behaviour for someone of my stature....

mowgli: *so warm and furrryyyy*

btw, i noticed u try to reply to all your comments, good on you! thats what makes a great artist :)
KadeWolfe's avatar
i really appreciate this have made my day just that bit better, thank you!
alltheway96's avatar
oh and i did mowgli, if u wanna check it out: [link]

Cool style, especially for Bagheera.
KadeWolfe's avatar
thanks i really appreciate the comment
You're entirely welcome!
Perseus12's avatar
Uh...Mowglie's thingie is on Bagheera's back. The drawing was perfect until I saw that, and burst out laughing.
KadeWolfe's avatar
could you explain, how is the fact that mowgli's genatalia simply being on Bagheera's back at all laughable. but whatever, thanks for the compliment saying my drawing was perfect until you realized that in my interpretation mowgli rides bagheera with his legs apart thus making his "thingie" have to exist somewhere, anatomically speaking, in this case on the furry back.
Saanomaru's avatar
Quite the elegant response, sir. Love it! And the art is sweet, too. :3 Mowgli's such a little hyper monkey... :)
Perseus12's avatar
Well then. No need for the semi-harsh reply. What I was trying to say, was that the drawing's...interesting. It's just that Mowgli isn't wearing a cloth, so I just assumed...
KadeWolfe's avatar
read the book. there are no seamstresses in the jungle thus no loin cloths and so is naked.
God-like-thing's avatar
And so was revealed that Bagheera was actually just a really really big house cat :)
KadeWolfe's avatar
eh i tried....
tardis101's avatar
aww I was watching Jungle book earlier, this is such a sweet pic! I love how Mowgli has gone back to nature..literally, it shows the innocence of his relationship with bagheera!
KadeWolfe's avatar
thank made my day with this
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