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Well here I am again...phew, the last time I actually put up something was Christmas eve last year...been over 9 months, time flies doesn't it? :p Anyway, I think I'll start putting up some more stuff once more since school started again and I'll have more work from my art course. ^_^
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Well it's Christmas Eve here, well since it's Saudi Arabia you wouldn't expect all the decorations you'd find in places in Europe and US :p More like sand everywhere instead of snow. Since I'm Muslim I won't be celebrating Christmas, but Merry Christmas from me all the same ^_^
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Ah well, here I am again ^_^ My previous account was pretty much dead, I had only opened it up to see how Deviantart was like and I hate posting work like two months after a gallery is opened :D It seems like this is a great community, so it'll be great posting some 3d renders, graphite drawing and hopefully, some other work :)
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you certainly have a talent kiddo
u seriously drew all off this? wow...very cool
Aw thanks...hehe I'll see ya tommorow too ;p

Well, I have to admit I've been neglecting this place...the last time I posted a piece was last December :-/ Expect something new very soon :)
Omair, you rock... if i could draw half as good as you (or with half as much style) i'd be over the moon... keep rockin babe, ciao! ... see you in school hehe... ~xXx~
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