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So, it's been a while since I updated my journal.
I graduated from school this summer and entered university last month. Now I'm studying Art History, Archaeology and Latin. It's hard to get used to working again after doing nearly nothing but lazing around for about 4 months, but it slowly starts being fun. I learn things about gothic cathedrals, catacombes, greek ceramic and Latin literature. And I'm learning Ancient Greek. And it's interesting.
I have also been working on a new picture the last weeks. It's still not finished, and it will yet take some time. ^^
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Hey everyone!

I'm bored, so I'm updating my journal. Almost three weeks of my summer holidays have passed. I've spent those weeks alone at home. My parents went to Austria, but I didn't want to go there. So I all alone. Right now I'm really happy that my parents return on Saturday. I don't really feel lonely. I vist my grandparents everyday for lunch, I'm spending time with friends. But still it's kind of strange.

I have a new idea for a story, and this time I want to make a manga out of it. I hope I won't gie up this idea. I'm also working at a fantasy novel and I haven't given up yet. I already wrote about 300 DinA5 pages. But at the moment I have a little writer's block. ^^;

I still have to finish some stupid pamphlet for Art. We had five topics we could choose from: dancing school, school, environment protection, animal protection and child protection. I'm making a pamphlet for child protection. But it's not that good. I don't like it. I don't like the whole pamphlet designing thing. It's no fun at all. :(

Well, I'll eat breakfast now, I think. i went up a little early today. I couldn't sleep at all. O_o
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OK, this is coming a bit late, but I've reached 5000 pageviews! Thank you all for watching my pictures! :D
I hope I have improved my drawing skills in the last time. I always want to improve.
Now, as the one who hit the 5000th pageview can't be identified, I will draw a kiriban picture for :iconchisue: who hit the 5002 pageview. :)
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I just feel like I have to update my journal, cause the last entry is a 3/4 year old. ^^; This weekend I really drew a lot of pictures, and didn't care about the fact, that I actually had to learn for a Maths test. Well, this test wasn't so hard anyway, I finished all the exercises, which is kind of a wonder. Today we also wrote an English test, and I had guitar lessons and driving lessons. I'm kind of busy these days. On Wednesdays I deliver newspapers, on Thursday I will start coaching a girl in Latin. On Friday I'm going to an art course. I really look forward to the weekend. But on Saturday I have to play on a guitar concert in music school! :excited: I'm not nervous, not yet.  
Well, also the next kiriban is not far away. Whoever hits the 5000th pageview will get some picture! :D
Okay, I still have to go to guitar ensemble. So I finish my journal update now! :)
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Finally!! Thank you everybody!!

I think I have to submit something again... ^^;
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Well, I have to update my journal, I think. ^^;
This week is so busy. There's a project at my school called "Comenius". It's something like an exchange with different European schools. This year we (Germany) are the host for students from France, Italy, Norway and the Czech Republic. The students have prepared several presentations concerning environment or their countries and culture, and we will all watch these presentations in school.
At the moment a Czech girl is living at my house (and in my room). I gave her my bed and now I have to sleep on a mattress. I haven't really slept for three days now and I'm tired. Also communication with this girl is really hard, because she cannot understand so much English in contrast to the Norwegian students. They speak such a fine English. That's because they don't dub the movies and watch them all in English with subtitles. Their presentations were so awesome. They were fun to watch.
Now I also have to go out in the evenings to some parties and so on. I usually don't do that. It's fun, of course, but if you're tired anyway, it's exhausting. Now I have some time for myself and can write this journal, but I have to stop now, because their will be some creative workshop at my school (for 4 hours!!). It may be fun, but it could also be boring. Well, let's see.
Tomorrow I have also lots of time for myself! Fortunately! ... The students have program for the whole day and I have normal school lessons. And on Saturday morning they will go home again. Then I'm finally released. Well, it's not so bad how it sounds now. ^__^
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Yes, today is my birthday! :dance: I turned 17! :)
I got a digital camera, so I will upload some photos in the next time! I also got a stuffed polar bear. Well, I'm maybe to old for that now, but I love polar bears. My dog wanted to have it, too. But she doesn't get it. :XD:
I have to make myself ready for school now! We will write a Latin test today, on my birthday! And tomorrow Social Studies... O___o
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1. You MUST answer all questions. No exceptions. (except for ones marked "optional")
2. At the end you may tag 5 people (optional)
3. Answers can be completely random.

1. I've been playing the guitar for 7 years now
2. I have got 146 manga and of course I want even more
3. I'm learning Japanese and try to teach myself Mandarin with a book
4. I write diary entries in form of prayers
5. I have got three guitars, a synthesizer and three flutes and I wished I had more instruments (always want more)  

1. wtf? O__o
2. hmmm, I eat to much cookies...
3. tss...whatever...
4. I like to make three dots ... ... ... ... muahahahhahaha
5. ... :XD:

1. Garden State
2. Braveheart
3. Narnia
4. Lord of the Rings
5. House of Flying Daggers
6. Princess Mononoke
7. Spirited Away
8. Pan's Labyrinth
9. Thank you for Smoking
10. Cruel Intentions

1. Real Life best friend/s? :iconsteako: and :iconeninaj: !! and then there are Dani and Corinna, but they aren't on DA...
2. Online best friend/s? some people from penpalworld I write mails to
3. Partner/s in crime?
4. "Personal photographer/s"? :iconsteako: or my mum! :)
5. Most admired artist/s? :iconshel-yang:, :iconqianyu:, :iconmjwilliam:, :iconverdant:

1. Relient K
2. Genesis
3. Flyleaf
4. Evanescence
5. Qntal
6. Deep Forest

1. Peter Gabriel
2. Mike Oldfield
3. Sally Oldfield
4. Loreena McKennitt
5. Hikaru Utada

1. Read
2. Think of some nice stories
3. Think of nothing
4. Sometimes pray
5. Go to the loo

1. "Downside Up" by Peter Gabriel
2. "Tiny Heart" by Flyleaf
3. "Water Bearer" by Sally Oldfield
4. "So Close" by Evanescence
5. "Friend of the Night" by Mogwai

Boy from my class called Frank.
Books I have to read for school.

My friends.
My parents.
And my dog!!! :)


I think, there are many... but I don't know which is the weirdest... O__o

Well, ok, I tag nobody. Muhahaha. :dance:
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Thank you all for the 3000 pageviews!! :thanks:

This is a short journal entry, but I don't know what else to write! O___o
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tagged by :iconchisue:

Rules: Post ten things that you love most about the most important person in your life.
Make the post public, let the world know why you love the person so much!
You must then tag five more people.

Ok, who's the most important person in my life? Hmm, I don't know. There are many important persons in my life. So I'll do it like the others. I'll write something about my pet.

My Golden Retriever Grace:

1. Because of her white light yellow fur and her black nose and eyes she looks like a polar bear (a little bit). I love polar bears. :heart:
2. She cannot bark like other dogs. She only makes one bark and that sounds funny. ("Woo")
3. She looks so cute when she's begging for food.
4. She is so cuddly. :)
5. It's fun to play with her. Throw balls or stuffed animals, etc. Or just scamper. :dance:
6. She's afraid of thunderstorms. If there is one, she wants to be protected.
7. Her face looks funny when she's scratching her neck.
8. She's like a sister to me (member of the pack :XD: )
9. Sometimes it's like she can understand me. If I'm sad I'm talking to her even if she doesn't answer. She knows how I'm feeling. That's instinct.
10. She's welcoming me whenever I come home. That's so sweet. :)  
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Hello! :)

I feel like writing something. ^^;

School has started again a few weeks ago. I got all the subjects I wanted. :)
I have informatics now, which is quite in interesting subject. We practice programming with a really old compiler called Turbo Pascal. I'm almost the only girl in the group. There is another one, but she was ill today and on the first day she wasn't there, too. So sometimes I'm the only female being in the room. This can be cool, but it doesn't have to. I experienced that boys talk a lot of crap when they are almost all alone together. -__-
P.E. could be nice, too. But we started with handball (and I wanted to start with Judo or skating). And the warm-up is so hard (push-ups, sit-ups, knee bends and other strange things). Of course it's good for a weakling like me. But I hate it anyway. :XD:
My other teachers are all really nice, too. :dance:

I hope I get to draw something again. But I probably will. It's weekend now. :)
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On Monday school starts again. I'm kind of excited, although I don't like school very much.
I hope so much that I get all the subjects I chose. We could decide which kind of P.E. we want. I chose martial arts (that's basically Judo, Karate and kick boxing), skating and cycling and handball. That things all belongs together. My alternative is gymnastics and street ball.
Then we had to choose compulsory optional subjects. I want informatics, alternative is economics (but I don't want that anymore! maybe it's boring!). :)
Another exciting thing is that we get to new students in our class. One of them is only there for half a year, because she's an exchange student. Many of my classmates aren't there this year, because they are also abroad. So our class is really small (only 23 students or so).
I think, that will be cool. It's so much easier to learn something if the class is smaller. :D
And I have to learn. I really, really have to work hard for school, because I want a good Abitur.
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saw this quiz on :icontooraa: 's journal.

1. Obsessed with sex?: O__o
2. Tall?: suppose so, 1,73m or so, my pass says 1,70.
3. In your pajamas?: No
4. Left handed?: No

1. Friend you saw: Janine!! :iconeninaj:
2. Person you talked to on the phone: Corinna ^__^
3. Person to IM you: dunno... -___-
4. Was today better than yesterday: the food was better, but the rest was...boring.

1. Number: 1212 :XD:
2. Season: Autumn

Q: What was the first thing you did this morning when you got up?:
A: I sat down in font of my PC (but only for two hours! -__- then I got bored...)

Q: Do you have anything bothering you?:
A: yes.

Q: What's the last movie you watched in theaters?
A: Harry Potter 5

Q: Do you smile often?:
A: not really, the most time I'm looking slightly moony.
     -__- <---just like that

Q: Do you wish upon stars?:
A: no, maybe upon a falling star, but I only saw one, and my wish didn't come true, I think.

Q: Where did you sleep last night?:
A: In my bed

Q: Why did you sleep there?:
A: I don't know.

Q: When was the last time you cried?:
A: yesterday T____T

Q: What are you about to do?:
A: First I'm going to finish this quiz, then I'll try to do something different, maybe I'll read a book.

Q: What do you hear right now?:
A: oh, this is going to be embarrassing. ah no, the song's finished and I don't tell you what it I'm listening to Relient K. :)

Q: What's your favorite month?:
A: December (St.Nicholas Day, Birthday, Christmas, many many presents!!)

Q: How many kids do you want/have?:
A: Right now?

1. Are you missing someone right now?: yes, lots of people. the holidays are over on Monday, then I'll see them again (that's the only good thing about school starting again :XD:)
2. Are you sad?: kind of...rather melancholic, and that's a normal part of my mood swings. :rofl:
3. Anything making you mad?: sort of
4. Are you bored?: yeah!!!!!!! -_______-
5. Are you German?: yes, I am. but why is this an emotion????? (maybe because we are all control freaks and get upset very soon...)
6. Are you Irish?: No, but I like Irish folk.
7. Are you Mexican?: No
8. Are you Italian?: No
9. Are your parents still married?: Yeah
10. Are you happy?: I should be. ^___^

1. Hometown: Hofheim Schlofheim...(Hofheim is the real name of the town, Schlofheim is Hessian for sleep town, we call it like that because we don't have a cinema, good shops, discos or clubs, we have nothing except bars and coffee shops and a so-called "house of youth", but that's a really stupid place)
2. Natural hair color: brown, it used to be light brown, but now I think it's really dark, but I don't know cause I color my hair since I'm 12 years old.
3. Height: 173 cm
4 Eye color: blue-grey and a bit green. depends on the light. XP
7. Lefty/righty: Righty
8. Favorite color[s]: Black, khaki, grey, white, blue
9. Date of birth: December 12th, 1990
10. Most important thing in the world: my faith, my friends and family, music and art.

I HATE: spiders (my fav movie is Arachnophobia where they are all getting killed at the end!!! muhahahahahaa!! I'm so mean...T___T)
I MISS: some of my friends and the guitar quartet, and so on...
I HEAR: it's still Relient K (Song: Devastation and Reform) ^__^
I REGRET: Some things, but I don't like to think about them, actually they should be forgotten....
I LIKE: there''s too much to list
I SING: I would sing if I had learned the text of this song, but I haven't (but this shall not be the problem. I know about 800 lyrics by heart, maybe more, that's why I can't learn anything in school, my brain is full)
I SHOULD: do more for school

RYAN: some guy from a soap opera??? or boy band?? dunno...
CHRIS: 1. classmate of mine, 2. my second cousin, 3. the boy I have to teach Latin in the afternoon (he's called Christian, his mother is called Christiane, and his little brother is called Christopher...isn't that cute??)
JOHN: 1. John Smith from Pocahontas, 2. John Kelly from the Kelly Family (I used to be a fan of them when I was 8), strange associations, but I just don't know any other John's (I just know people called Johannes).
SCOTT: scotty from enterprise... :rofl:
ZACK: this guy from the movie I saw a little while ago

HELPED SOMEONE?: Yes, I help my family, because I have to cook. But that's fun.
SAID "I LOVE YOU"?: hmm, yes, to my dog. but in hessian (you know, I don't speak real German), so I said: "Isch hab disch lieb!"
WRITTEN IN A JOURNAL?: I do that right now.
FOUGHT WITH YOUR PARENT?: yes, that was the reason I cried yesterday.

EAT AN INSECT?: If I were about to starve.
HANG GLIDE?: No, no, no, only if I wanted to kill myself, but I don't want to!!!
KILL SOMEONE?: out of self-defense, maybe...
BE A VEGETARIAN?: NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm a carnivore!!! I would die without meat!!!!
PURPOSELY HURT SOMEONE?: ehm, yes, I hit some stupid girl on her stomach. and the reason was just as stupid as the girl.  
RUN A RED LIGHT?: not with a car...first I have to take driving lessons. I'll probably start with that next year.
DYE YOUR HAIR BLUE?: I prefer red.
MAKE SOMEONE CRY?: I told you about the stupid girl. It cried very hard after I hit her.

YOU SAW CRY?: my mother...she had to cry because of some movie
WENT TO THE MOVIES WITH?: that was also my mum.
THAT CALLED YOU ON THE PHONE?: my grandma, I think. that's always cool, when I answer the phone and she shouts "is die moni net do?" - "is moni (my mum) not there?", she always does that, ...
TEXT YOU: nobody, I don't have a mobile phone. :XD:
MADE YOU LAUGH: myself....I listened to old tapes I recorded when I was funny...:rofl:

GRAY OR BLACK?: Black! (or both!)
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Yes, I've got my new guitar today. I'm so happy. It's very expensive  (1100€), and I'm glad that my parents could buy it for me. It was worth it. The guitar has got a beautiful sound and it's really light. It's now much easier to play barré, flagoelett, hammer-on or pull-off. Everything's easier on that guitar.
Now I have two guitars, isn't that nice? In a few months I will get another one, but an electronic guitar, my father's old one (he's buying a Fender for himself, so he will give me his one, it's so to speak a permanent loan).
And then I can finally call myself a guitarist, I think. ^___^
There's only one problem: My room will lose a lot of space. 3 guitars and a very big amplifier.... -____-
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  • Drinking: nothing
hi!! ^__^

I'm back from the holidays!
we were hiking in the Bavarian forest. Sometimes it was exhausting, but it was ok. We climbed on mountains, like the Rachel, Lusen, Falkenstein and Arber. They were all about 1300 - 1500 m high.
I will soon upload some photos! :)
I actually wanted to draw something, but I haven't. -__- I was busy reading Harry Potter. XP
Now I have 3 weeks of holidays left. I will look after my friend's cat in the next two weeks and learn a bit for school. And maybe I'll draw a picture! :dance:
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  • Drinking: nothing
Now I have six weeks of holidays! yeah! no school! school is boring, although I will work hard for it in the next year's and act like it's fun. But now I will relax a bit. The next two weeks I will be in the Bavarian Forest and go hiking with my parents and my dog. Maybe I make some photos. ^__^  
And I have to read a lot and work on my manga. :dance:
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Today I had to go to that stupid sport festival, just like every year. But today it was the last time!!! :dance: Next year I will be in grade 11 and then I don't have to do those athletic things like jumping, sprinting, shotput and 800m run, but I can help the teachers and look how fast the others ran and so on. I think I'll do that, because I get points for that, points for the PE mark.
But today was really... :puke: I was the worst from my class!! I'm sooo unathletic!! :cries:
Therefor I can draw and play guitar!! :D
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Today I was at a medieval market in castle Kronberg together with my mum and my friend :iconeninaj:. It was really cool, they had lots of stalls with clothes (garments, tunics, corsages, belts, etc.), weapons (swords, bows), jewelry, food and things like that. At the beginning there were also a few guys from the guard who played bagpipes. And I love bagpipes! It would have been also nice to listen to some real medieval music with hurdy-gurdy and so on. But the weather wasn't that nice and the stage was wet from the rain. So there weren't exhibition fights either. T___T
But I bought a new ring (with celtic knots) and a cross pendant. :dance:
I really enjoyed this day and I'm planning on going to other medieval markets, too. :)
Maybe I'll ask my grandma to sew a garment for me, so I can dress up for the next market. Or I'll ask her if she teaches me sewing, I want to learn it anyway.
But I definitely want such a dress for the prom. Ok, it will take some time until then. ^^;
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:dance: thanks a lot for 2500 pageviews!!! :dance:

:iconsteako: got the 2500th pageview, so she'll get a prize! :)

:dance: :boogie: :dance: :boogie: :dance: :boogie: :dance: :boogie:
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on Saturday was my class reunion (elementary school... lol). I was a bit afraid of it. Thought it would end in an orgy... -__- but the only guy who was drunken and high (because he smoked the whole shisha) was Bjoern. Typical. Besides it was really boring. The only one who talked with everyone was Emrah. He asked me some strange questions like: "Have I seen you wearing combat boots? Are you always wearing black? In what gang are you? No gang? Then in what sect?" ... :faint:
I just said: "I like these cloths, so why shouldn't I wear them?" hehe...
today I will visit a friend of my family, who built solar cells. I have to ask him a few questions for a presentation I make with some friends for physics. We also want to build our own little solar cell, but we'll do that later. :)
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