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Retrogenesis: Gaia, Tundra, Logos, Helios (GIF)

Return To The Source.
Retrogenesis- Digital art interpreting variations of consciousness.
The Conditions of the Mind and The Fall of Cosmic Man.

YouTube explanation here:
Retrogenesis - YouTube

Non-GIF version here:…

Gaia- Creative & Compassionate (The Materialization Realm).
Tundra- Vengeful & Callous (The Survivalist Realm).
Logos- Observant & Analytical (The Judgment Realm).
Helios- Dynamic & Boastful (The Rejuvenation Realm).

Of course, there may be some mechanics within the term "Seeing Red" pertaining to mental conditioning/mental programming.
Subtly within art & propaganda are engineered to affect the senses for those who seek or take comfort while operating in a "Red State" of mind.
Fortunately, some of us grow increasingly resistant against suggestion & agitation in order to manifest growth, to develop our awareness with aforementioned metaphysical bonds and interactions.

Prints of 'Gaia' available below, others shortly.
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Amaranth7777's avatar
Gah...nearly set my epilepsy off!

Like it though lol
Kadarr's avatar
Epilepsy: nature's soft reset. Time for a browser update  ^_^
Amaranth7777's avatar
Natures soft reset...gah....I do know it kicks my ass when I suffer a 'soft reset' lol
Kadarr's avatar
Bah- suffering is relative, although, be sure to ready a plush helmet or two  ^_^
Terrigenas's avatar
tripping. I love it!
Kadarr's avatar
thanks- spectrum shifting is always fun  ^_^
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