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Curse of the Hungry AF Rabbit
Donna indulges in her secret favourite pastime but has a run in with a competitor!

Another piece for :iconlauralate:

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Team Rocket was not the most reputable business since the fall of Giovanni and though the gang tried their best to remain relevant in the numerous crime syndicates that dotted the regions of the world, budding new recruits to bolster their ranks were few and far between. Which is why the Team was more than happy to accept the promising young chemist Bailey Belfry into their crew, an orphan with no connection to the general populace and without the prowess to tame her own pocket monsters she had the makings of someone who could one day be an Admin! If not for her constant bumbling clumsiness.

Bailey should have been the poster child for a new age for Team Rocket, but for all her undeniable smarts there was no hiding how utterly hopeless the girl was at staying on her own two feet, if she wasn’t fumbling various chemicals that caused a base wide shut down for days, she was dropping her food, cutting herself on corners or simply just falling over herself at all times! And so it came as no surprise when her experiments were put on indefinite hold and she found herself demoted down to the most typical of grunts, tasked with maintaining uniforms, making copies and other such remedial work that kept her out of trouble! One would think her utterly devastated by such a development but one aspect of her new life filled her with joy, that being left with the duty of feeding the various pokemon whom lived in the base!

Especially inept at catching her own pets! Bailey took great pleasure in getting to spend time with the various pokemon, her days were spent being swarmed by excitable Rattata, quietly leaving food behind for the Zubats, calming the Voltorbs so they continued not going nuclear and generally feeding, grooming and playing with all manner of adorable critters that were as happy to see her as she was them. Save for one particular Pokemon who cared very little for her carer, Bailey would always crack half a smile as she came across Strangelove, often referred to as Shades thanks to the fancy glasses the Alolan Persian balanced upon her snout, the feline would regard her with a silent distaste, stretching her portly form out atop the cushion she rarely left and glaring at Bailey as she worked, tail casually flicking to and fro. “Great to see you too madame” Bailey would tease, topping up Shades’ food and reaching down to offer a quick head scratch to the lazy animal that she accepted of course, she was so deserving of everyone’s praise, in her own mind at least.

Bailey would pause as she finished fussing Shades, glancing cautiously down the corridor she’d wait and then reach into the inner pocket of her coat, tugging free a swirling vial of luminescent pink liquid, with hurried worry, Bailey slipped the vial underneath the persian’s cushion giving her a quick wink “Our little secret Shades! Dr.Belfry’s work shall continue! Whether the admins like it or not!” The girl giggled, hopping up to her feet and quickly wandering off, leaving the utterly bored Strangelove to return to her cat nap, paying no mind to Bailey’s precious cargo that lay beneath her.

Shades would awaken as the dull rumble of power ran through unseen wires above her, sudden dim light illuminating her quarters much to her discomfort and the sudden intrusion of her carer sneaking inside, Shades offered a casual yawn to the girl, rising from her bed and steadily meandering over to her food bowl. Bailey thanked her stars, the last thing she needed was a screech or snarl or anything that would alert any of the nightguards on patrol, moving over she fumbled about under the lavish cushion that dominated the room and with a quiet exclamation of joy pulled free, the cracked remains of her vial, her precious pink ichor draped over her hand, quickly sinking into her flesh. Bailey squeaked “Shoot Shoot Shoot! Oh that darn fat cat! I knew I should've left it with the Zubats I …” Bailey paused as her hand began to tingle, the concoction she had created working it’s effects upon her, she felt woozy almost immediately, her head spinning her vision fading to black and then with a thump. She blacked out.

Steadily light would funnel back into bailey’s eyes, the girl emitting a pained groan as she came to, hands reaching to her side to push her up onto her rear, fuzzy dots filled her vision, almost utterly blind for what seemed like a lifetime until things began to clear. Bailey blinked, she reached up and removed her glasses, shining the lens against her shirt before returning them to her nose and then blinked once more, before her lay the vial she had so carelessly crushed as she attempted to retrieve it, not that surprising as she had only moments ago been holding it, but what was surprising was the size of the vial or more so that it towered above bailey. The chemist would let out a shriek, crawling backwards and taking scope of her situation, eyes darted this way and that, Shades’ cushion rose into the sky like some manner of fabric skyscraper, the lights that shone upon her seemed as distant as the sun, the tile she stood upon looked as though it would take hours to traverse and Bailey, was ecstatic! The girl jumped in place offering a pumping fist to the air “YES!” she cried “I did it! An absolutely %100 success! I’ll have to take this to R & D at once! I’ll be revered! Awarded! Given the praise I finally!” There was a thud.

Not a thud that one would expect for being so small, the booming thunderous explosions of sound would have come from the boot of a human, but this thud was much softer, a sign of great weight but marred by dexterous grace? It didn’t take someone as smart as Bailey to know what had happened upon her and as the looming shadow above her grew, she turned in place meeting the gaze of Shades’ the once only portly Persian towering above her. Bailey doubled back once more, a sudden wash of fear spreading over her face as she glanced over the utterly gigantic Pokemon before her, Shades took another step, thick fluffy paw landing beside Bailey with another quiet ‘Thud’ displaced wind pushing Bailey gently aside and Bailey swallowed, she brought her hands together, a worried crooked smile appearing upon her as she began to speak in the same sweet tone she offered to all of the beast she cared for “N..Now Shades. You be nice! It’s me! Bailey, you remember. I got you that nice bell a.a.and! I feed you everyday” Shades turned her head, seemingly in confusion as she contemplated the tiny human before her, leaning down the Persian would draw her snout in close and offer a sniff that nearly pulled Bailey from her spot into the Pokemon’s nose! Standing her ground she nodded “Yes! Yes! You remember right! Good! Now I need you to well. Get help! Find someone anyone will do I … I wish you were a houndour you know they’re much easier to command are you even listening?” Bailey frowned, gazing up at Shades who did nothing other than dart her tongue from her maw over her lips.
Bailey froze, the colour draining from her as she stared towards the suddenly advancing fat cat, speaking hadn’t worked at all so she took the next best option and turned in place and ran, a foolish endeavour, Shades was akin to a titan to Bailey now it took only the simplest of motions to pin the human beneath one hefty paw, enormous crushing weight threatening to splatter Bailey at any moment but such a quick fate wasn’t for her, Bailey could only try and get to her feet as she felt the intense heat of an open maw looming over her, she rolled onto her back catching a glimpse of what was to come, teeth like razors forming a cave of daggers that framed the persian’s immense looming tongue! Bailey could emit only a single “NO” as that rough muscle dragged from floor to air and where Bailey had been, she was no more.

Inside of Shades’ mouth Bailey gasped as she was bathed in the persian’s breath! The scent of meals gone by washing over her as she tried to stand once more, suddenly being tossed to the side by the same tongue that had scooped her up! Bailey hit the walls and roof of Shades’ mouth with punctuated oofs and groans, treated like a loose crumb by the animal she had looked after for so long! Each rough glide over the felines sharp tongue and harsh hit from being thrown against the prison of teeth sought only to coat Bailey in sticky saliva, drenching the poor girl from head to toe leaving her and her uniform sodden, the least of her worries as with the smoothest of motions, she was shunted backwards towards the deep dank abyss that framed Shades’ throat, Bailey screamed turning and trying to grab onto anything! The tongue a tooth! Desperately attempting to find purchase until.


Bailey groaned as the tight crunching muscles of the Persian’s throat clenched and squeezed every ounce of strength out of her, she was left only to squirm and moan, any attempts she may have even considered to slow her descent halted by rhythmic and strong swallows that sought to shunt her down, deeper and deeper into the swelteringly hot abyss below. She sank for what felt like a lifetime, until, her feet felt muscle and muscle gave way, forming around her thick legs until she simply fell once more! Landing with a splash into the noisy undulating organ that surrounded her! Bailey would gasp as she breached the surface of Shades’ stomach juices, the rank gastric acids soaking the girl completely, negating any damage the saliva may have caused by beginning to melt away at the weak fabric! Bailey swam as best she could to the nearest wall she could find in the pitch blackness. Guided only by rapturous groaning and gurgles, the constant churning of a gluttonous stomach seeking to be satisfied by the morsel it had been offered! Reaching a wall Bailey hit and punched and pushed against the soft tissue, her efforts of struggling proving fruitless as a pained whimper escaped her and then, she felt a tingle run through her, a tingle she had felt earlier.

Shades casually slurped over her snout as she finished her little snack, swallowed and done with just another speck of food for her grace! She swayed back over to her cushion laying herself atop with a pleased purr and then blinking as she felt a rumbling deep inside of her, the confused Pokemon rolled onto her back as she felt, well she didn’t know what she felt, her face a visage of pure mystery as she waited until, her already plump belly began to bloat outwards. Shades stared on as her gut expanded, each passing moment saw the soft pudgy fur stretch out further and further still, making her round tum into a thick bloated orb that jutted out harshly from her and then, it began to squirm. Deep inside those rumbling guts Bailey’s potion had worn off, a note she’d have made in her appeal, were she not currently digesting inside of a Persian’s stomach. Still weak from her trip down into the belly of the beast, Bailey could only offer the most meagre of struggles and wiggles, culminating in a satisfying wobble within Shades’ belly a wobble that lulled the feline to fall asleep utterly full and more than sated.

Morning came and the base was a flutter! Had there been a break in?! Where could she have gone too?! Only one vial was missing from the lab! Losing someone with potential such as Bailey was not something Team Rocket were taking lightly! Footsteps rang throughout the entire facility, checking nooks, crannies just about anywhere the girl could be hiding. With a slam! The door to Shades’ quarters flew open, the crimson haired Jessie scanning the room for any sign of her initiate within, “she’d never leave the Pokemon unattended to” the admin thought to herself, eyes drifting down towards the Persian who grumpily awoke. “Dear lord. Bailey or no remind me to get you put on a diet, you’re positively fat!” The woman grumbled, shutting the door behind her and heading off to check another room, leaving Shades to rise and get ready for her day, an extra bit of heft in her sway.
Employee of the month
A Rocket initiate Bailey gets herself into a heap of trouble when she pursues her work too much! 
It me again.

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Bailey Belfry
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