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"I spent my days reading while he went out. He would visit the lady with the garden or he would walk through the streets of the cities that we stayed in." Blue eyes looked away from the fire as the young vampire let a small smile pass his lips. Perhaps he was remembering the old days with 'Edgar' but it only lasted a few seconds before he shook his head and looked back to the fire, a hand reaching up to push some of his hair behind his ear.

"Before Elzury there was Lideru. He had shown up with her after I woke up. She was such a beautiful child with black hair and pale skin. Her lips were like pink rose petals instead of red like our own. She was two and barely walking on her own, barely talking. The only things she knew to say was her name and 'Mamma' and 'Papa'. Edgar didn't like those terms because we weren't her parents and he hated lies. Just like his own vampiric parents that made him and Marybell."

Another pause. This time a minute longer than the last. "No," A shake of his head. "I don't wish to talk about who I'm a replacement for. Though she was beautiful, and Edgar and I both loved her, I don't wish to talk about her." Again a pause before an intake of breath. It seemed as if he was going to speak more, but instead he stood up and walked closer to the fire place, holding out a hand as if he wanted to touch it.

"He probably has made another already. Someone he found suitable enough in a school yard or... in these times a shopping center. Yes, he's probably found someone else who doesn't just sit around all day reading books near a fire, waiting and waiting for him to come back into the place with an armful of roses. Always deep red roses, because that is what we... no, he always chased. Blooming roses."
I found this while looking through my posting styles for GaiaOnline. XD

I had read Poe no Ichizoku religiously, but when I found there were only 7 chapters on the internet scanlated (or what I could find) I was upset. But it didn't stop me from reading those 7 chapters again... and again.

Anyway, I had written a little drabble for it, though why I can't remember any more.

It may be complete OOC and it may not fit in with the later story line but I don't care.
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Thank you. it is so difficult to find a ff about Poe no ichizoku.