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Mccree , Overwatch genderbrend [2]

It's High Noon ....BITCH !!!

Previous stuff of my Overwatch fanart [include genderbend]
Genji , OVERWAWTCH Genderbend [1] by kachima PT : Widowmaker by kachima Reaper , Overwatch genderbend [3] by kachima PT : Mercy , OVERWATCH Waifu 01 by kachima


OVERWATCH guy become girl project  number 2 in this time i would like to present " Mccree" hehe.. everyone love cowgirl right ? ...yeah me too. lol XD   

character : MccRee / Overwatch gender blend [2]

PT : my new head page XD by kachima

support me for more work and stuff also event here :

See also my Gumroad for more previous monthly reward stuff :

thank for support and hope you enjoy it.

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thanks ilove cowgirls

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I really love the under boob!!!
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Jessica nigri featured your mcree in one of her vids, maybe she will make a costume basing on it xD would be so aweosme
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Whaowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! That was a good new for me XD was my honor to knew that she will cosplay this costume excited ! Very excited.

Looking forward to see update Xd
anyway thank for let me know .
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That belt oughta say "UNF!"
Hail Gunslinger!
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this is terrible
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Go back to tf2 you fetus
Female McCree would be just as clothed as male McCree
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Yeah but every genderbent character of a man will always be skippified
That shouldn't be true Commander
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No, you're absolutely right. Unfortunately, people don't like paying attention to females unless they're showing skin, since we're all sex objects. Which is why in a lot of games, you get the man with tons of armor, and the female is a after thought. Although, Overwatch doesn't do a bad job at making sure the girls are actually clothed.

Realistically, she would definitely be scratched up pretty badly. I don't necessarily agree with those cosplayers who overly sexualize a character for no reason.
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I wish it wasn't either.....but it still happens.
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