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By KaceyM
Hey everybody..

As I'm sure a few people realized, I stopped uploading a while back and fell way behind in displaying my work here, as I continued to finish new art...  I didn't really have a reason for this, aside from the fact that once I fell behind it seemed like it would be really hard to catch up again - haha.

But I'm planning on posting work here again, so expect to see both new-new stuff from me, and new-old stuff from me (if you also watch me on FA, I'll be posting some of the work I had already posted there)

That's it =)
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ChalupaGuzzlingCorgi's avatar
That is another reason why I watched you. I enjoy seeing your artwork. I seen it first from the Chakat Den website and now here. Your artwork is Phenomenal and I hope to see more from you.
Bookofeden's avatar
Keep up the good work
Shirakei's avatar
How are you?You work is awesome.
linkx-wemic's avatar
Hey Kacey ..
Hope I can see many more nice works from you ..
I'm a very big fan of yours !

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Hey I was actually just wondering how much you charge to do character ref sheets? You're art is amazing.
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My standard 3 pose character ref sheets on 9"x12" painted with acrylics, and digital text added are $200 plus shipping/handling ($8 within the US, a bit more internationally depending on the destination)

Thanks for your interest in my work! ^.^
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Thank you so much for taking the time to write back. That is just a bit outta my price range, but thanks again!
KaceyM's avatar
no problem =) you're welcome..
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I look forward to seeing more work by you and hope that you'll open for commissions soon.
triadenforcer's avatar
it's about time.....
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To be truthful KaceyM you hadn't been very active on here for so long that I wass starting to worry, not about the art work but about you; I thought somthing bad had happened to you because your activity stopped so abruptly. I'm SO glad your ok.^^ Don't worry me like that. XD Anyway Welcome back, and again, I'm glad your ok.^^
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awww, thank you for worrying about me =D I'm glad to say that I'm just fine - I was just negligent about my uploading new art...
Forgottenhuskie's avatar
I'm just glad your ok. 0.0
Mottenfest's avatar
Awesome, since I don't use FA I'd been missing out!
KaceyM's avatar
:nods: i realized that was a problem for a lot of people, including my family ^.^!
KineaJynxx's avatar
may i have the honor of doing a trade with you please?
KaceyM's avatar
Unfortunately I dont have the time to do trades, thanks for your interest in my work, though =D.
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XxShirokoxX's avatar
I apparently have a ton of your work in my reference folders, and I realized it because I was browsing my refs to draw gifts for my mate. I noticed your signature on a ton of pieces... So I went to the website. And then I found your DA gallery from there, and boy am I glad!! Your work is very inspiring, and even though I just found you here, this is great news to me-- Can't wait to see more from you <33
KaceyM's avatar
thats cool =D Glad you found me.
XxShirokoxX's avatar
Me too..!! Thanks for your time~
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Happy dance! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you've been up to, artistically! :D
Comma-Kazie's avatar
I was starting to worry about you there--good to have you back!
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