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Hello!  Many of you probably saw my ad -…

And now its time! From today September 5th to September 7th, I'm taking orders for the following items:

Prints - $8 each (regularly $10 each) I am offering prints of almost everything on this gallery - and a lot that are not (if you found something of mine on FA or fchan or somewhere else that you like and would like a print of, ask me about availability). Pretty much everything but LE prints that were sold out long ago, or art that I don't make prints of (badges, icons) is available. Prints are 8.5"x11" and my newer works are printed on glossy photo paper while my older works (pre-2005) are printed on heavy duty matte cardstock.


Pencil sketches with simple shading - $30 for one character, $50 for two characters (regularly $40 for one character and $65 for two characters)

Example of Pencil Sketch:…

Inked sketches with smooth graphite shading - $50 for one character, $70 for two characters (regularly $60 for one character, $85 for two characters)

Examples of Ink Sketch w/shading:……

Color sketches done with inks, watercolors and colored pencils - $80 for one character, $120 for two characters (regularly $90 for one character, $135 for two characters)

Examples of color sketches:………

I'm not offering the option of backgrounds with the sketches...

Badges - 3"x4" ink and mixed color media (acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, markers) will be $40 each (regularly $50 each)

Badge examples:……

The examples aren't all necessarily done in the same media as I've listed for the sketches, but they give a good idea of the style/complexity I plan to use for each type.

Note or email for orders.

I would be happy to combine shipping on orders of multiple items. Shipping/handling is $8 within the US, more internationally depending on the destination.

I will begin taking orders starting September 5th (midnight Pacific standard time) and stop taking orders either at midnight of September 8th (the end of September 7th) or if I feel I've taken on as much as I can handle. Further announcements will be made via my journal.

I will be accepting Paypal only for the sale, as its the fastest method of payment I have available.

Also, regarding content - my standard content rules apply - I will not draw characters that you don't have permission to use, and content rating from G-R is acceptable (but not adult or most fetish material)

Please feel free to email me at for orders - or you can send me a private message - but email is probably easier to keep track of in the long run.

I will begin working on these sketches ASAP - but they may take a little while to finish them all depending on how many orders I get, so your patience is appreciated.

*EDIT* My paypal address is, and payment must be made in full in advance.  Thank you =)
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