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Hey everybody..

As I'm sure a few people realized, I stopped uploading a while back and fell way behind in displaying my work here, as I continued to finish new art...  I didn't really have a reason for this, aside from the fact that once I fell behind it seemed like it would be really hard to catch up again - haha.

But I'm planning on posting work here again, so expect to see both new-new stuff from me, and new-old stuff from me (if you also watch me on FA, I'll be posting some of the work I had already posted there)

That's it =)
I got a bunch of email responses to the sale

Thanks a ton everybody!

I've got about as many sketches as I can handle now - so I am going to have to close down the sketches for the sale.

If I'm in the process of discussing sketches with you, but we haven't gotten it nailed down yet, thats cool I won't turn you away.

I'm keeping the print orders open for now, so if you want prints, feel free to email in orders to kacey[at] for those, but I'm all full up on sketches now.
Hello!  Many of you probably saw my ad -…

And now its time! From today September 5th to September 7th, I'm taking orders for the following items:

Prints - $8 each (regularly $10 each) I am offering prints of almost everything on this gallery - and a lot that are not (if you found something of mine on FA or fchan or somewhere else that you like and would like a print of, ask me about availability). Pretty much everything but LE prints that were sold out long ago, or art that I don't make prints of (badges, icons) is available. Prints are 8.5"x11" and my newer works are printed on glossy photo paper while my older works (pre-2005) are printed on heavy duty matte cardstock.


Pencil sketches with simple shading - $30 for one character, $50 for two characters (regularly $40 for one character and $65 for two characters)

Example of Pencil Sketch:…

Inked sketches with smooth graphite shading - $50 for one character, $70 for two characters (regularly $60 for one character, $85 for two characters)

Examples of Ink Sketch w/shading:……

Color sketches done with inks, watercolors and colored pencils - $80 for one character, $120 for two characters (regularly $90 for one character, $135 for two characters)

Examples of color sketches:………

I'm not offering the option of backgrounds with the sketches...

Badges - 3"x4" ink and mixed color media (acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, markers) will be $40 each (regularly $50 each)

Badge examples:……

The examples aren't all necessarily done in the same media as I've listed for the sketches, but they give a good idea of the style/complexity I plan to use for each type.

Note or email for orders.

I would be happy to combine shipping on orders of multiple items. Shipping/handling is $8 within the US, more internationally depending on the destination.

I will begin taking orders starting September 5th (midnight Pacific standard time) and stop taking orders either at midnight of September 8th (the end of September 7th) or if I feel I've taken on as much as I can handle. Further announcements will be made via my journal.

I will be accepting Paypal only for the sale, as its the fastest method of payment I have available.

Also, regarding content - my standard content rules apply - I will not draw characters that you don't have permission to use, and content rating from G-R is acceptable (but not adult or most fetish material)

Please feel free to email me at for orders - or you can send me a private message - but email is probably easier to keep track of in the long run.

I will begin working on these sketches ASAP - but they may take a little while to finish them all depending on how many orders I get, so your patience is appreciated.

*EDIT* My paypal address is, and payment must be made in full in advance.  Thank you =)
Well, lots of people have been posting about goin' to FC, so I thought I should announce, I'm going, as well =D.

I will have a table in the dealer's den, please come by and say hello =)... I will be sharing the table with TaniDaReal..

I will be doing sketchbooks and badges, and also offering prints of many of my works, including some oversized prints of "Dragon Dance".  

In the art show, I will have artwork in both the general and adult sections, as well =)  

Looking forward to the con, and to seeing many of you there =D!
Just posted some auctions to Furbid I thought might be of interest =)...

One of them is a commission auction, for an acrylic painting, with a ladder system...

And also 3 original drawings with ladders for color options...

Please feel free to check them out =D…

The auctions are set to run for 5 days, but some have buy-it-nows and could be bought out before that time.

Just so you know, some of the images have female nudity.
At last, I'm opening my commission books again.

I will be assigning slots on a first-come first-served basis by time of payment received...  but I work on multiple commissions concurrently - so promptness in communication is definitely a factor as the commission progresses..

I can't say for sure how long my commission books will remain open for new commissions - I may close again soon if I feel overbooked.

Thanks so much for your patience, and I am happy to announce this =D
Take care,
At long last, I've whittled down my commission queue to a very manageable size, and I'm almost ready to open my books again - but I am offering a commission for **slot number one!!** on Furbid (sample image contains nudity):…

Please take a look, and bid, if you feel so inclined ^.^!  I will announce when my books are officially open for direct commissions.  I don't have any idea how fast it will be before I'm full up again and need to close though, so check out the commission if you want to get a jump on the crowd ^.^!
I really dislike doing this, but I have closed my commission status for the time being.  

I have a substantial backlog of commissions to work through, and I have a really big one that I fear I may not finish if I keep taking smaller projects, so the only solution is to stop taking commissions until I get everything done, and then open them back up in a month or two.

So if we've discussed a commission, and I've accepted it, I'm working on it now or will be working on it soon, and hope to have it finished soon - but for the time being, no new commissions.

I will post a journal stating when my commission status is once again open and I am accepting commissions.  With luck, it will only be a couple months.  =)
I recieved a very nice gift today from LasciateOgneSperanza, which was a one year subscription to DA!

Thanks so much to LasciateOgneSperanza!  I hope to show you all lots of my art over the next year, and I hope you all enjoy it =)

That was really awesome, thanks so much =)

Alrighty, back to work! I've got a painting I'm working on that I may finish today or tomorrow ...  Stay tuned =)

And thanks again... for the pure generosity.
(by the way, how do I do the coding into the text here that brings up people's user icons? That'd be good to know)

Okay, yeah - I have uploaded many of my recent pieces that have been finished since the start of the year, and a few older ones that still retain a good enough quality in my eyes...  I have a couple .. a handful, maybe.. of other old pieces I may place up.  Mostly, though, I think I will be posting new work as I finish it, so my spammage should decrease ^.^.  

I'm also going to be pretty conservative on my nudes... I think I have more tasteful nudes than I will be posting - because I don't want this gallery to turn into mostly mature.  I have a VCL gallery "Kacey" in which I will be posting new work of all ratings.

And anyone who reads this, thanks for watching me =)  Having an audience to show my new work to makes drawing and coloring more enjoyable... I guess I'm a bit of a showboat in that respect.