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Showertime Is The Best Time Of The Year

A coyote and roadrunner take a break from their rivalry to enjoy a rare desert rainshower...

Done with inks, colored pencils and acrylic paint on 8"x10" colored paper
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Sure, if you only shower once a year.
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Very cute pic ^_^
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Aaawww... How cute!
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You liked Looney Tunes before you grew up too?
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Nothing wrong with still liking them. Growing up means, among other things, not being concerned about whether others believe you are grown-up. :)

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Growing up also means moving on to other skills and interests.

Now, I'm making video projects and watching Friendship is Magic.

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What video projects?

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Among the better furry arts I've seen today.

I'm unwell, so I've been on for hours refreshing the front page. This, objectively, is among the better pieces I've happened upon.
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I'd call them funny animals instead of furries. Furry implies a greater degree of anthropomorphism.
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I thought "funny animals" were like Mickey Mouse or Goofy...

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Maybe, but they behave as people, so... Doesn't matter.

Just take the compliment. :P
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