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Operation Cookie
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Published: May 27, 2011
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Commission for miceinblack of his Chakat characters Shadoweyes (top), Lemonbite (middle) and Bottlecap (bottom) working together to get the cookie jar from on top of the refrigerator. (Inspired by my piece Operation Cupcake) - Bottlecap has noticed a shiny coin on the floor and is reaching out to grab it, though, which might make them all topple.

The art is done with pencil and acrylic paints on 9"x12" illustration board.

The characters belong to miceinblack
The Chakat species is the creation of goldfur

Some backstory provided by the commissioner:
The three cubs depicted here were formerly humans who were brought to the planet of Churr. Churr is very Earth-like and contains many animals and plants native to Earth which lead some to conclude that Churr is a terraformed planet. However, what can not be explained is that humans seem to arrive on Churr from different time periods of Earth’s history. Even stranger is that all humans that visit Churr eventually change into chakats although the time varies between 24 hours to a week and always when the human falls asleep. Theories vary as to the cause of the change from gene engineered viruses, nanobots, parallel dimensions, and even magic. All the changes have one thing in common in that no one ever sees the change happen and people trying to watch the change occur inexplicably fall asleep themselves regardless of whether they are chakat or human. Victims of the change always find themselves in healthy chakat bodies but the bodies can be considerably younger. Humans are immediately given a mentor when they are discovered on Churr to prepare them for the change and this is especially true of chakat cubs. Chakat cubs that were formerly human adults often retain their memories but can have regressed personalities. One could say that the Super-Ego of the person’s psyche must be redeveloped as the chakat cub is often driven by the Ego. This can put cubs in potentially dangerous situations as depicted here as the three cubs have craftily devised a way to reach the cookies but one cub seems to be giving in to the impulse to reach for the shiny coin discovered on the floor. Seen here are Shadoweyes, Lemonbite, Bottlecap, and one Oh No! squirrel.

Chakats are the creation of Bernard Doove.
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Kcpolo234Hobbyist General Artist
Total adorbs! So cute!
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Touch the jar & an alarm goes off. XD
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While I wouldn't find Churr that bad of a place to be, there is one thing that kills it for me. I would have to relive my childhood while keeping all of the memories I currently have. That situation is just too dangerous so for the sake of all the lovely chakats there, it's best that I stay as far away from there as possible.
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Maybe such themes are explored in the stories that take place on this world...

Does anyone know the names of stories that take place on Churr?
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Yees, i would definitively visit Churr.
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DarkOliverHobbyist Traditional Artist
This whole plan reminds of the original schemes of the Cooper Gang when they were young.

Bentley was drawing the plans and explaining instructions, Sly was paying attention, while Murray was... eating the crayons...
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Dawww, this is just adorable!
Sage-Andrews's avatar
This is adorable, I love the squirrel in the window!
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Morningstream1998Hobbyist Digital Artist
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EverspirtStudent General Artist
Oh,so cute! ^^
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clever little chakats. undone by a shiny coin
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Dartpaw86Hobbyist Writer
They are so cute :D
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Kids are the same all over -- whether they have two legs or four.
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Mischievous chakat cubs... gotta love it! This is a great picture that's going into my screen saver slide show. I can't look at it without smiling.

By the way, how do I book passage to the planet Churr?
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DukeMillsHobbyist General Artist
I have heard much of these creatures and their complex nature and origins.. this Bernard Doove has spent quite a lot of time on the concepts for them... Fascinating.
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HarristonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thats a very clean ground XD

It looks great^^
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Kieth-WolfeHobbyist Traditional Artist
all visitors MUST wipe their paws, no exceptions :D
Harriston's avatar
HarristonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Or you get shot :stare:

Seriously, That seems to be the only Explantation why the Kids follow the rules XD
Kieth-Wolfe's avatar
Kieth-WolfeHobbyist Traditional Artist
scream at them a little and they stand at attention real quick*

*most of the time. the rest you have to shoot. ;p
Harriston's avatar
HarristonHobbyist Traditional Artist
You will be a good parent XD
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