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Current, the first model of the Katra line of cybernetic felinoid personal assistants can be modified by their owners in the same way as many other electronic devices.

This is a special Hatsune Miku Mod that a fan of the Vocaloids created for their Current. As music storage and playback is a basic function of the Katra systems, this seemed like an obvious mod for the user in question. She can perform any of the music files in the users library through the Vocaloid software.

Current is about 10" high, and has had several releases with various design and hardware changes. She is currently equipped with USB 2.0, but I hear a 3.0 version may be coming soon.

Done with pentel brushpen, micron pen, colored pencil and acrylics on 8"x10" colored textured paper.
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i love miku! my fave song is glass wall
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Min häzerge anime yaratmayim, ämma şuşi kizi çiber.

I don't like a modern anime, but that girl is very beatiful.
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Awesome! what connects the USB?
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Ahh it's Current! I missed her <33 I wish I could get some art from you <333
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This picture you've done of this character looks very nice and lovely. :meow:
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Ohh, vocaloid =D=D=D !!!
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What really got my attention is the glow effect you put into this drawing/painting. :) But acrylics... do you use acrylic inks or is that just tinned acrylic paint from the tube? o.O It's incredibly smooth.
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I use Golden fluid acrylics - they are thinner than the full body kind in the tubes, but not as thin as acrylic ink.  I mostly used the acrylics to pull out highlights and help create extra contrast in this piece, as the textured paper doesn't hold moisture well, so it could only be used sporadically =).
Cute.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        cat planet 
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This in both cool and lovely.
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that's really cool.
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