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Kryslin Reference

A character reference sheet for Kryslin, the female hybrid felitaur. She has mostly lynx features and coloration - with a bit of tiger and snowleopard physiology mixed in (lower body mass and long tail).

Kryslin is copyright her creator.

And the artwork is done with micron ink and acrylic paint on 9"x12" illustration board; text added in Photoshop.

As a side note, her shirt says 'bannou bunka neko musume' (all purpose cultural cat girl)
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© 2009 - 2021 KaceyM
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She's beautiful!
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And it's taken me 3 years to find this one and comment on it.

For the curious, the joke is mine - there are two different ways Bannou Bunka Nekomusume could be taken - All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl, or All Powerful Cultural Cat Girl. The shirt was a gag gift for her 40th birthday.

The 3D model made from Kacey's sketches and drawings turned out wonderful. I'm just getting back to working with the model, but there isat least one render done for Anthrocon 2010...
Cute and sexy.
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I love your art :3
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So that's what these ones are called, Could not figure it out even after Ive drawn one :D
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Very interesting. I've especially gotten a chuckle out of the tshirt- that's a novel idea and I wonder if it was yours or your commissioner's. As for the rest, beyond the "why breasts?" question (and for some the answer is as simple as "why not?) I can't think of too many things that haven't already been said. She looks good. I'll leave it at that.

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I like chakats XD but I like all taurs ^^ And this one is very nicely drawn. =D
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I was lurking in your gallery, and now I'm really curious... are these characters from a book series, or what...? 8|

Eh, I feel stupid...
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The characters belong to various people who commissioned me - for various reasons: ironing out existing designs for future art, references for a fursuit maker to create a suit based on them, or this one is actually for a 3d model of a character (I also did t-poses for the benefit of the 3d artist)
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That's really neat. :) Thanks for clarifying... I was being confused.
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Since I'm learning Japanese, and for further reference, can you please, either in a reply or in the Desc, put the relation between kanji and romaji? D:

...hopefully you won't mind me not adding to the pile of love your art deserves instead XD;
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I am also learning japanese. I dont know how the first 2 kanji are broken up, whether its 'ban' 'nou' or 'ban' 'ou' but the rest are 'bun' 'ka' 'neko' 'musume' respectively ^.^
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Sweet! And I must take note then, cause I'd have sworn there were no three-silable-long kanjis O:Thank you loads! :iconlove:
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youre welcome =D.
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All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl, Nuka Nuka was a hilarious anime.
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Adorable felitaur, love the t-shirt, too!
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Beautiful character! I love the idea of hand-like forepaws.
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