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Hanako the kimono clad fox, amongst red spider lilies as the sun sets.

I don't typically do enough warm color schemes. I wanted to create a sense of the light, by having it spill over the character where the sun is behind her (I believe in photography this is called a bloom). The makeup around her eyes and forehead was inspired by kitsune masks.

It was done with inks and acrylic paints on 8"x10" illustration board.
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Oh, my gosh, this is AMAZING!

First of all, I LOVE anthro foxes, especially vixens!  This lovely lady is breathtaking in every way.  From her calm expression, it makes me wonder what's on her mind.  Additionally, her soft pointed ears, her long ebony hair, and her beautiful face with its rich browns, whites, and reds are a treasure to behold.

The colors and details are fantastic.  The soft, well shaded reds and golds are everywhere, from Hanako's elegant kimono, to the wild flowers, to our lovely lady's fur and the soft, golden sunset in the background.

This is a drawing that really soothes the spirit and makes me wish I could enter and say "hello."

Kacey, your gift with anthropomorphic art is amazing.  I remember first seeing it when I read "Life's Dream" by Bernard Doove.  I'm very sorry I never commented before.  Your work is beautiful and holds so much emotion.  In fact, it inspired me to write my first fictional stories that include anthros/furries, which I'm happy to say are on their way to becoming a reality.  I have you to thank for instilling my love of anthros.  So . . . thank you. :-)

Keep up the amazing work.  Your style is truly one of a kind. :heart:
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Absolutely stunning :) .
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The character featured in this picture you've done looks quite nice and lovely for sure. :meow:
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Oooh, Hanako is the name of my Kitsune Sorceress in Pathfinder
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An oriental beauty for sure. ^^