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Ancient Rome meets Ancient Egypt. This was done for the wraparound cover of the conbook for Furlandia 2014. 

The artwork was done with acrylic paints on 11"x17" illustration board. There is also a little metallic paint on the original that gives it some shimmer.
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Bark Antony and Cleopawtra 😜

But seriously, this is cool and unique art, like a lot of your works! :)

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I am really loving the mural work in this picture, it's very faithful to the source material.
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Was this inspired by Cleopatra and Marc Antony?
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That fresco behind the Roman wolf must have taken forever.
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Oh, it did XD.  It was a nice meditative task, though.
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Well, it turned out BEAUTIFUL!
(I just found out this is a traditional media piece so it must have taken even longer than I thought)
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What is so sad about Cleopatra's story is the fact that she put her children right into the hands of that bastardizing monster Octavian/Augustus. Despite the fact they lived in the royal orphanages Selene was the only one of her family that left Rome for Mauretania with her husband Juba II. Her Brothers Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphus are to have possibly been killed by Octavian.

The whole Royal Family was a disaster from the beginning!
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Heh, cool meeting of two cultures there! :D
Love the way the Roman and Egyptian styles are transitioned with the mosaics and frescoes, and the period costumes are nicely done!
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Ohhh, and i always thought is was part of the EF18 animalia romana.
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I did end up selling the original at EF =)
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Cleopatra inspired lol though recently some researchers belive Cleopatra may of been roman and was brought to egypt as a replacment queen to puppet egypt. they found in her tomb recently found that she never spoke to her people but thats conjecture between researchers and it may not be right. it's still a good piece though
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Roman?   Hadn’t heard that one, thought the history was pretty clear she was Greek.
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lol give scientests knives i'm sure they'll use them on eachother
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the thing is since her tomb hasn't been found the truth isn;t yet known. it's only conjecture which is tame for scientific arguments. there isn't any solid proof to suport any theory at the moment because the authorities in the field can't really get along without suppiorting evedence. though according to the scriptures in the temple of isis she belived herself to be the human incaration of said god and her lover she belived to be osiris' mortal inarnation which gose back to the belife that pharos were the half god children of Ra
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The problem with arguing that there is no solid evidence for any theory is that there is ample historical record about Cleopatra’s family, Regardless of her adoption of Egyptian religion, for whatever purpose, her family were Greek, who had been ruling Egypt since Alexander’s conquest. 
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that is true but it comes down to what their beliefs were. did cleopatra belive she was the human incarnation of isis well that is what she belived but the true question was dose history even tell the full story i'd say no it dosn't we never know 100% of each event in the far off past. so many facts get lost to time however history dose tell us she was a coward she forced a snake to bite her to comit suicide. though we never know the full truth untill her tomb is uncovered and all records of that era are accounted for though i'd bet like with other Pharaoh tombs many documents might be unrecoverable i do like egyptolagy as the ancient egypt was a rich culture and i do like resurching it for a posible novel.  
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Antonius and Cleopatra??
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        [Happy] Mochi Tokyo MiniPixel 
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Caesar and Cleopatra!

Do the hieroglyphics actually mean anything?
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They don't.  I looked at actual hieroglyphs and then just chose ones that looked appealing to me in a configuration that "worked".  It's gibberish, though.
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