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Durdle Door

By KaceyM
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An area of the coast of England near Durdle Door...

Done with oils on 30"x40" canvas, and referenced from a photo.

This is my 2nd large scale landscape oil painting project, and I am planning many more. I'm really enjoying working with oils, and I believe this one has more detail than the last ("Waterfall")

I really enjoyed painting the water - and the pebbles were quite a challenge.
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Ive been here! Its magnificent isnt it!
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love it! good job
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Really great  done...
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Holy . . . I honestly had to stare at this for what seemed like a minute to decide if it really was a painting or a photograph. Very well done! :wow:
DopeHat6's avatar
Wow! Amazing! The true meaning of patience.
LightingUpTheStars's avatar
holy crap! i thought this was a picture! wow. this is amazing.
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:icondragonwant: This is amazing! It's like I can actually see the water moving. The cliffs are also amazing, the texture is brilliant. It's almost as though I could reach out and grab the pebbles.
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*tries to find the Furry in the painting*
Libane's avatar
I was convinced this was a photo
mythica1516's avatar
great job! i love it!!
OutcastTherianthrope's avatar
I think that this should be hanging in Louvre instead of Mona Lisa.
Everybody who I know and saw this said that this is photo :) Its just awesome...
These are really oil paintings? Everything done with them by most of the artists looks terrible... It dosent looks real, but yours ... Without description I wouldnt know how did you do that.
I love your artworks and I hope you will continue in painting because you are really good at it.
Even tho this one isnt furry art, Its one of the best, so I wrote this here.

PS: I personaly think that you are the best artist who I had ever saw in my life...
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I have featured this great artwork in my journal [link]
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21stCenturyDamocles's avatar
your textures remind me of Maxfield Parrish great depth and good light
Krystalvoyager's avatar
Fantastic piece - I can hear the shingle like "white noise"
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WilliamSnape's avatar
Really really amazing painting! :clap:
Snow-pawz's avatar
so real that you can reach forward and touch the water and feel it rushing between your fingers, simply amazing!!
Lucycharlotte's avatar
Wonderful artwork!
DKSartist's avatar
The pebbles are amazing !!! GREAT job. Wow.
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