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TaniDaReal having a good time taking Jägermeister shots at the bar, with Hida the little blue dragon clinging to her shot glass.. Looks like he crawled up to try a taste of the drink, but he might be in a bad position if she doesn't notice him when she takes the shot ^.^..

Done with acrylic paints and airbrush on 9"x12" illustration board.

Schnolf Tani is copyright :icontanidareal: and Hida is copyright :iconhidasilverlight:
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Poor Hida, he was almost being eaten many time. But you got this picture at the perfect moment. Beautiful!! :)
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I love it. I'd share a drink with her and that dragon.
Bazzkorg's avatar
Ha ha ha, that's cute 
Venikins's avatar
I absolutely LOVE this one! Well done on the mood of the piece & the expression is priceless! :heart:
the furries drink Jägermeister also
TaniDaReal's avatar
You're just THE BEST! :heart:
GummyBirbs's avatar
the only progress is for him to get drunk and she can eat him!
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F### yeah Jägermeister:arc: and love the pics
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Beautiful, soft, and full of those details that make these pieces sing. That little Hida, getting into mischeif again, tumbling off the edge and into her mouth...

Out of everything, I want her necklace. That's neat.

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Thats my favourit type of shot... ^_^
MidnightFantasyJunsu's avatar
Ha ha! Just another day at the picknick table with friends! (did I spell that right??)
KaceyM's avatar
close =) its picnic
the-potato's avatar
...Uhoh. Hida better watch out.
...Then again, he DOES seem to like being eaten....
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I dunno, from what I understand about a Shnolf and her Jagermeister, the little dragon might be better off taking his chances not being noticed!
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I soooo love that piece! <3
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I love how the little dragon is blushing!
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"Sometimes you've got to go-

Where everybody knows your name! And they're always glad you came!-

You wanna go where everybody knows your name!"

Sorry, I couldn't resist ^^;.
HatlabuFarkas's avatar
MY FRIEnd request this as a mobile wallpaper.
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Oh grats for tis beautifuul artwork 'gain. :D
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Ahhh! Hida-san is so cute! ^^
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Hehe, a girl after my own heart. Had one of those shots after work today. :D
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