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Approaching Storm

Kisha the tribal vixen, standing at a high vantage point surrounded by rainforest, with oncoming thunderheads in the distance. Her fur is dyed in tribal tattoo patterns.

Kisha belongs to kyledamora

Done with micron inks and acrylic paints on 9"x12" illustration board.
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Foxtrot-Nation's avatar
I like her tribal markings and outfit!
KorbenKat's avatar
Wonderful work as always ;3
TurkEvulture's avatar
Wow. :wow: What a fantasy world.
ZackWriter23's avatar
hmmm...why do I get the feeling that I know this Vixen from somewhere?
CelfwrDderwydd's avatar
"Breathtaking" is the first word that comes to mind. I almost can't fathom how you did this, but am amazed at the astounding level of detail and high degree of control you have over the medium.
The soft, subtle gradations of tone and the gentle interplay of light and shadow is so subtle, it blows me away.
The overall image has a sort of Celtic feel to me, which adds a nice ancient feel to it. The eyes and the fur are particularly eye-catching, as are the clouds. This is a very amazing image, finished to the highest standard. It shows your skill very well!
Please keep up the good work, and please update your profile here, soon. We miss you.
Kodimarto's avatar
Brilliant work!! :)
CaseyDecker's avatar
That looks very nice. :meow:
FriendOwlDesign's avatar
i don't normally like animal-people (forget what the name for them is) but this one is really good :D
Snowfall-The-Cat's avatar
She looks so strong and confident.
This is so cool!!
RikaStormfeldthefox's avatar
i love her tribal markings!
Jackaroo-Dragon's avatar
"This Print Not Available. Shop Similar Prints." :|
Tillawallaerdree's avatar
Magnificent !!! I'd just love to meet her.
pegazus14's avatar
8I..... WOOOOT i love foxes!
lillacmess's avatar
love love love!! :heart:
Axithane's avatar
How long did that take you?! That is amazing!
Dynamo-Deepblue's avatar
This is really, really pretty ^^ I really like her markings!
YesImDeadpool's avatar
What'd you base her costume on? :)
ChakatLongfur's avatar
Sweet I love the tribal thing man
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