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  • Listening to: "Under My Skin" by Get Scared
  • Reading: Astro Boy Omnibus Volume 3
  • Watching: Disney Parks Character Meets
  • Playing: Farming Simulator 2015
  • Eating: Fried potatoes and sausage
  • Drinking: Lemon-lime tea
Hello again, all! Hope you all had a great New Year's! I'm back in classes again and doing much better now. Went to go visit the boyfriend in Colorado during the Christmas break and that was a lot of fun! We went to the Denver Zoo and there were POLAR BEARS!!!! :D There were a lot of animals, but I really love bears and polar bears are one of my top favorites. I have also opened my first eBay shop and I have a t-shirt store, as well.

Here is the link to the shirts:…

Here is the eBay store:…

The eBay store is mainly for my buttons, but also includes a few shirts.
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  • Reading: The Burning World by Isaac Marion
  • Watching: Top 10 Disney Parks Stuff Videos
  • Playing: Planet Coaster
  • Eating: TRYING to eat crackers and ginger
  • Drinking: Mostly water
Hello, followers! It's now November and just past Thanksgiving. I turned 25 this year. I am very sick right now. I think I may have the stomach flu. It is hard to eat anything. I haven't had the time to create a whole lot of art because of classes and feeling sick. That and I just got back from visiting with my dad's side of the family for Thanksgiving weekend. My aunt gave me a Disney art book and the Raggedy Ann doll she's had since she was a little girl in the late 60's! I'm really happy with her! But I would like to know what company made her and when... Other than that, I've mostly been playing video games. All last week was a mix of Farming Simulator 15 on Steam and Harvest Moon 3DS: A New Beginning. Today, I have just purchased Planet Coaster with some of my leftover birthday money and I did not get to play much before I had to go to class, but so far, the game seems amazing. I saw in the trailers that it has a teacups ride... That alone was enough to make me cry tears of happiness and hit the purchase button. I can't wait to attempt to build a digital Disneyland!
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  • Reading: The Black Cauldron/Astro Boy
  • Watching: Freakazoid!
  • Playing: The Sims 3
  • Eating: Fruit
  • Drinking: Strawberry Capri Sun
Hello! Little October update for everyone... My anxiety returned, but I am managing through classes! I have loads of neat ideas for digital art in my head right now that I need to make. One of them being a complete collection of Cheese Sandwiches from MLP in all of Weird Al's outfits. Maybe I'll also start it off with having Cheese fall into the cloning spring that Pinkie fell into! Idk. I'm also contemplating doing more Edward Scissorhands/Sweeney Todd stuff. Or more Chuck E. Cheese/Rockafire/FNAF stuff since I've been on such a binge listening to all the songs I would have heard at Chuck's as a little girl. I really don't know yet. But it's currently midterms time, so bear with me!
  • Listening to: Disney's Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack
  • Reading: Charles Darwin's theories on evolution
  • Watching: Goof Troop and Gummi Bears
  • Playing: Harvest Moon 3DS A New Beginning
  • Eating: Waiting to chow down at Goofy's AGAIN
  • Drinking: Harvest Pear Tea and Dark Cherry Berry Tea
It has been two years since I last posted a journal entry and a lot has changed. I am no longer boyfriend and girlfriend with the guy from Germany and my anxiety is almost nil. I am about to graduate from college on August 5th of this year! So excited! Graduating with a Major in the Arts and a Minor in Digital Journalism! :D I am thinking about registering again for the Fall or the Spring semester so that I can also graduate again with a major in English.

Then, two days after I graduate, I am heading out to Disney World again as a graduation present from my mom and nana. Going earlier than I expected because The Great Movie Ride is closing. So sad!!! I'm excited to go, but I will forever and always miss my trips over the rainbow and down the yellow brick road...
  • Listening to: "Halloween For Christmas" by Frenchy and the Punk
  • Reading: Opie and Moira Tatem's Dictionary of Superstitions
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  • Eating: Pumpkin Spice Cookies
  • Drinking: Water
Hey, everyone.

Finally sorta back to doing couple fanart... or just fanart at all. But slow to do it just cuz lazy autumn feelings rolling in... >_< I have a new boyfriend now who lives in Germany and things are going pretty well except for the fact my anxieties still have not totally gone away and everyone around me is trying to push me to get rid of them and it's not helping at all...

And in other news, I found some great free online cartoon places.

For 90's Nickelodeon fans, is awesome.

For 90's Cartoon Network fans, there's . Both channels play 90's cartoons and TV shows 24/7.

Or if you wanna go to places where you don't have to chat in a chatroom, there's:
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Well, this Wednesday, it will have been 3 weeks since my boyfriend I had for 6 years left me for my "best friend".

Sadly, because of this, I can't guarantee a lot of fanart for the next little while... Especially not couple art. To my fellow Beetlejuice cartoon fans, BJ has left me for another ghoul.

But on the slightly more positive side, I use Facebook a little more often now. Also, I've been watching more anime again.
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Trick 'R Treat 2 is coming! What will Sam do? XD

But no, seriously. It's supposedly coming. Dougherty confirmed it. Also, I am beginning to ship an OTP made in Hell. Please excuse me if I draw  p0rn of Rhonda and Sam...
  • Listening to: CATS The Musical- &quot;Le Magicienne Monsieur Mis
  • Reading: &quot;E.T In His Adventure On Earth&quot;
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  • Playing: Fable III
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Koolaid……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
  • Listening to: CATS The Musical- &quot;Le Magicienne Monsieur Mis
  • Reading: &quot;E.T In His Adventure On Earth&quot;
  • Watching: Angel Beats!
  • Playing: Fable III
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Koolaid
Mmmmm 'kay. So, I'm working on this fan fic called "Mungojerrie And Rumpelteazer's Heist" for CATS The Musical. I'm currently working on chapter two. So far, my plans are that Mungo and Rumpel start out before they became thieves, and are very innocent cats in the sense of judgment. The basic summary is that they're going to find out about Macavity after he framed Mungo in chapter one when he stole a wedding ring, and they're sort of going to become "fanatics" of his, as in the fan fiction's time, they are still very young kittens. Along the way, I'm going to have various characters, some OCs, some not, helping them out in their search for Macavity. In chapter two, they are to meet with a white chihuahua who thinks hes a cat, named Bruno, and his friend, a cat who operates the underground civilization of the city cats, named Macabre. Macabre is supposed to give them their first clue as to who Macavity actually is, though he doesn't know much about him himself. This is all I have so far... Anyone know what kind of character I should make up next, or maybe how something should happen??? (I can take care of that myself, normally, but this is just in case I get a case of writer's block.)
  • Listening to: CATS The Musical- &quot;Mungojerrie &amp; Rumpelte
  • Reading: Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats
  • Watching: CATS The Musical on DVD
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  • Drinking: Koolaid
Man, this sucks... I've been drawing quite a bit lately and I have no way of uploading my pencil/ink drawings on here... Anyway, the other night, I was looking at CATS Musical Web Comics, and I suddenly realized "OMG I NEED TO PRACTICE MAH FURRAHZ!", so I drew a full anthro-ish, furry-ish version of Alonzo from CATS The Musical... So wish I could upload him even though hes not that great in my drawing... I also drew quite the furry, but naked Macavity... Wish I could upload him as well.