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So yeah... given that the last entry I made in my dA journal was... almost two years ago now, I think anyone could guess that I don't use it anymore. If you do feel some odd urge to keep up with what I do on a day-to-day basis, then I'd suggest instead following me on Twitter, which I actually use. Short, 140-character blurbs suit me much better than an actual blog, what with my attention span being as short a- Ooh, look, a bird! Twitter account: http://twitter.com/Kaboom_Krusader
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I was in Target the other day, and while browsing the toy section as usual (I COLLECT THINGS DON'T JUDGE ME), I noticed that they have these re-releases of the old, and I mean OLD Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures. After the five-minute-long wave of glorious nostalgia finished washing over me, I saw on the box that they were labeled as "20th Anniversary Editions," and I was like, "wait, what? I played with these things when I was five years old? When did I..." I'm only 22, and I feel old. But it's a good kind of old. I have some money at the moment, so I'm TOTALLY gonna go back and buy me a Raphael figure. P.S. - Oh, and yesterday
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So I just saw the new Star Trek. In a nutshell, I was left breathless. The hype and advertising was right. This is not the Star Trek we knew, at least, not what Star Trek had become. Recent iterations had become stale and boring, full of technobabble and recycled plots and situations. This movie, however, ditches all the stagnancy, and brings it back to its TOS roots with a shiny new modern finish. This Trek movie was all about the clash of good vs evil, characters, and classic-Trek campiness and fun, and I like, nay... LOVE it that way. I've been in love with the new Enterprise, or the "Sexyprise" as I call her, ever since I saw the first
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Check out these forms Frieza and Cell had in GT's live show.

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I'm glad you're rebooting Bardock vs the heatans, any progression on rebooting Gine's personality?

Nah. Out of everything that Super and other modern material have done to Bardock, the basic existence of Gine is probably the one thing I don't mind. If nothing else, her introduction has at least finally killed off all the dumb old fan-theories that Selypa was Goku's mom.

Merry christmas lord Kaboomkrusader
Yo, have a happy birthday Sean. :ahoy: :cake: :superSayain: