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So, uh. Hi!

I've been busy the past few months. Things got swamped at work and I found a couple new hobbies doing things like making dice and playing FFXIV.

I'm honestly not on dA much -- admittedly, the new layout is... It's a thing, and while it's not horrible, I find it harder to actually check deviations since it's in two separate locations... I'll get to it sometime. I also don't check my notifs very often.

It turned out that when I was sick last year, it was very likely COVID -- but since it was mild, there was no way to really test for it and... Ugh. I still have lingering fatigue, which is not ideal, but it is what it is.

How are you?

If you have things you want me to see, maybe uh. Put it in the comments?

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So, hi! I've been doing things.

This summer has not been great. I sprained my wrist, had my gallbladder removed in an emergency surgery (do not recommend), and said goodbye to Niji (just yesterday).

So, while I do have some artwork which I will post eventually, I'm just dealing with a lot.

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Signal Boost!

2 min read

Eyyy, my good friend ExtraLongsocks is doing commissions after having some work difficulties due to the pandemic!

If you're in a position to do so, maybe consider giving a look and commissioning her?

Comissions Open by ExtraLongsocks

That aside -- thank you for the birthday wishes, I'm gonna go take a nap. XD I was up way too late working last night... Because I work from home right now. And I had servers to punch.

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Still Sick!

2 min read

I'm still sick. This is not ideal. Then again, when is it ever?
tl;dr: Asthma + Bronchitis = REALLY BAD.

Once I'm able to breathe clearly for longer periods of time where I'm not having to be at work, I'll be trying to work on art. That is probably not today. :\

I'm going to go back to bed. And wait for my humidifier to arrive. aaaaaaaaa

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Whoo! 2019 ended interestingly!
I ended up having some health issues come to a head at the end of the year, and started getting those addressed. It's a process. Don't worry, I'm fine.

And then I got sick again. And spent the last... two weeks in bed, basically. Not ideal.

So where the heck have I been?
Sick. Tired. Building websites. Establishing healthy personal boundaries.
(also playing pokemon but shhh we're not going to talk about how I only have 30 left to finish the Galar pokedex and I just got Pokerus--)

I'll dig my way through my messaging center sometime soon. I'm sorry for the unanswered notes, etc etc etc. Cats, you guys have been busy.

I do have some art to post! Not much, but a little bit. So I'll throw that up later today...

(I also have to do some system maintenance at home, but that's another story for another day.)

Oh, also:
While I'm at it, why don't you go check out TriaElf9's comics, Pathways and Peter Pan

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