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Revised: 2019 October 19

Material Terms of Use

The full terms of use can be found on my website.
The spirit of the document is well-covered in the Frequently Asked Questions, but if you need precise terms as written by a lawyer, please go to the link above.

If you have questions, please ask.

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Frequently asked Questions:

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Materials. The answers to these FAQ do not modify or supersede the Terms of Use linked above.

May I use your brushes in my print / comic / other thing I'm selling? (In other words, can I use them to make commercial products?)

Yes. However, you are not allowed to sell the brushes or any of the other Materials or include them in any larger collection of brushes, free or otherwise. They can only be re-distributed in the same format and condition in which they are provided. If you would like other people to know about and use them I would be delighted if you would post links to them!

Do your brushes work with other software?

Please review the documentation associated with the software you are trying to use to determine if Photoshop brushes are supported.

From my own testing, I know that my Photoshop brushes may work in some capacity in software such as Serif's Affinity suite and GIMP.

Do I have to tell you when I use your materials?

No, but I do like seeing what's done with the materials I've made!  Feel free to share!

Can you make your brushes work for versions of Photoshop older than CS2?

No, I cannot provide support for versions of Photoshop older than CS2.  If you need to use my materials for older versions of Adobe's software, please use the image packs to create your own brush sets.

Would you be willing to make a brush set for me?

In the event the option to commission brushes or other materials becomes available, a notice will be posted on the Website.

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List of Materials

Revised: 2019 October 19

This list may not necessarily be up to date.

I reserve the right to discontinue primary distribution of materials at any point in time.


Floaty Text Bubbles (Screentone)

Photoshop Shapes

Exclamation Textbubbles
Lovely Shapes

Photoshop Brushes

Star Brush
Tone Shapes
Bubble Brushes
Spatters and Star
Misc Brushes
Artsy Brushes
Bursts and Blossom
Lace in Place
Graceful Lace
Keys + Cogs
Love + Shine
Ink Splatter Brushes
Tone Stars + Shapes Redux
Flower Power Brushes
Snowflake Brush
Odds + Ends
Junk Brushes
Leaf Brushes
Monthly Romance Brushes
Sparkle Brushes
Scraps Brushes
Doily Disaster Brushes
Bubbles + Orbs
The Feels - Brushes
Puella Tragica Brushes
Fancy Circles
Sparklace Brushes
Simple Brushes
Trash Brushes
Painterly Brushes
Rain Brushes
10th Anniversary Brushes
Rolly Doily Brushes
Rose Brushes

Shoujo Series:
Shoujo Wonderland Brushes
Shoujo Effects Brushes
Shoujo Stars Brushes
Shoujo Dark Brushes
Shoujo Magica Brushes
Shoujo Mirai Brushes
Shoujo Persistence

Image Packs

Comprehensive List at

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