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Materials Policy, List, and FAQ

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 5, 2007, 9:59 PM

This was formerly the Brush Policy.

Revised: 2016 April 5

This policy may be updated at any time, without notice.

Materials Usage Policy / Terms of Use

Materials are, for the purposes of this policy, defined as but not limited to:
Image Packs
Stock images

Unless otherwise specified, material produced by me (kabocha) fall under the following terms:

1.  Brushes and other materials are provided As-Is

This means that the the files you download are what you get.
I may update materials from time to time, as I deem necessary.

2. Usage

By downloading and using my materials, you are granted a non-exclusive license to use them in your works.  You can sell anything you create using my materials.

You do not have to report usage of my materials to me, but a link back to my deviantART profile or to Shooting Stars is appreciated.

My materials may be used for both commercial and noncommercial purposes.

You, of course, retain all copyright to your creations.

3. Redistribution

I do not prohibit redistribution of my materials, so long as the following conditions are met:
1. The materials are provided to download, free of charge
2. The materials are properly attributed to me - either by a link to my deviantART profile or to Shooting Stars

"Official" download locations
I can't make promises or control what's uploaded anywhere but Shooting Stars or directly to my deviantART profile.
If you have problems with downloads that are from another site, I will not be able to assist.

Ivy by kabocha

List of Materials

Last Updated: 2016 April 5

This list may not necessarily be up to date.

I reserve the right to discontinue primary distribution of materials at any point in time.


Floaty Text Bubbles (Screentone)

Photoshop Shapes

Exclamation Textbubbles
Lovely Shapes

Photoshop Brushes

Star Brush
Tone Shapes
Bubble Brushes
Spatters and Star
Misc Brushes
Artsy Brushes
Bursts and Blossom
Lace in Place
Graceful Lace
Keys + Cogs
Love + Shine
Ink Splatter Brushes
Tone Stars + Shapes Redux
Flower Power Brushes
Snowflake Brush
Odds + Ends
Junk Brushes
Leaf Brushes
Monthly Romance Brushes
Sparkle Brushes
Scraps Brushes
Doily Disaster Brushes
Bubbles + Orbs
The Feels - Brushes
Puella Tragica Brushes
Fancy Circles
Sparklace Brushes
Simple Brushes

Shoujo Series:
Shoujo Wonderland Brushes
Shoujo Effects Brushes
Shoujo Stars Brushes
Shoujo Dark Brushes
Shoujo Magica Brushes
Shoujo Mirai Brushes

Image Packs

Comprehensive List at

Ivy by kabocha


Bullet; Red May I use your brushes in my print / comic / other thing I'm selling?

Bullet; Orange Do your brushes work with SAI?
No.  SAI does not recognize the ABR format.  Its brush engine is also very different from Photoshop.  If you want to use my brushes in a program like SAI, I'd recommend using an image pack if available, and pasting them like stock.

Bullet; Yellow Do I have to tell you when I use your materials?
No, but I do like seeing what's done with the materials I've made!  Feel free to share!

Bullet; Green What are the "Converted Brushes"?
These were brushes which were created by Axeraider70.  Years ago, we came to an agreement that I could convert them to a format compatible with Photoshop 7.  ...I don't have Photoshop 7 anymore.

Bullet; Blue Can you make your brushes work for versions of Photoshop older than CS2?
No, I cannot, and do not actively support it.  If you need to use my materials for older versions of Adobe's software, please use the image packs to create your own brush sets.

Bullet; Purple Would you be willing to make a brush set for me?
I cannot, unfortunately.

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