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Sparkle Brushes

So, you find yourself in a situation where you wanna キラキラ☆, but all you can manage is ぶすぶす↓, you might wanna give these brushes a shot!


Wanna make your own sparkles?
Making Sparkles by pumpkin-spice-desu

Unlike my last set, brush dynamics aren't set up here.  SO you might wanna consider using this tutorial for some of them:
Making Scatter Brushes in Photoshop CS 5 by pumpkin-spice-desu

Star!Basic Terms:
Bullet; Black Free to use in any (including commercial) works
Bullet; Black This set is not to be resold
Bullet; Black Please link back if you redistribute the set

Full version of Terms: Materials Policy, List, and FAQ

Star!Image Pack Available at
Star! Alternative download location at

These are high-resolution brushes.

 If you encounter problems, please download the image pack.

These brushes are for Photoshop CS2 and newer, and should work in GIMP.
They will not work in SAI, MangaStudio, or other programs that do not recognize the ABR format.

Need to know how to install a brush set?
Installing a brush set in PS by kabocha
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thank you🤍



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Ahh i love all your brushes!! especially the sparkle ones!

will def be using <33

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Thanks, EXACTLY what I was looking for - so hard to find a single star brush - most are all starscapes LOL Really appreciated, Solveig
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Glad it's what you need!  :D

I believe I also linked to a tutorial in the description if you wanted to ever make your own, too! ^^
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Brilliant I hope I can make them look as good when painting with them, thsnks :happybounce: 
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ALL the sparkles shall be had!
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