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Quick Hair Toning Walkthrough



So, I'm working on comics again!  (yay!)

I used to do dark hair like Iji's or Aster's using a single tone, but after working on Love, Annotated, I found throwing some black in there really helps emphasize things a bit.  Also, I find it looks a bit nicer.

Because Aster's got dark hair, I figured I'd do a quick little walkthrough of how I approach shading her hair.  (Drawn in MangaStudio, but can be applied to pretty much any software).


1.  Sketch - figure out what you want to draw, dammit.
2.  Ink it.
3.  Select the area you're going to be doing an ink fill on.  (Do it on a separate layer for sanity.)
4.  Do a fill of black or whatever color you intend to use.
5.  Lower the opacity of the fill so you can see your original lines clearly, and roughly erase the areas you intend to use as your highlight areas.  I also erase a little bit super close to the lines so it doesn't look like some ambigous black blob.
6.  Start quickly sketching in lines to give the highlights a jaggedy effect.  It's not 100% necessary, but I like doing it.  You'll wanna do that on all your highlight zones.
7.  During clean up, sometimes I end up erasing more, or using the pen to ink in more to make things look a little more even.
8.  After clean up, I'll chuck tone on.  Usually I use 60L 40% for Aster's hair.
9.  And as the last step, I'll return the black layer to 100% opacity.

Now you can go along and get things done.
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Ah! This is really helpful! :love:

I've always wondered how to do this! I'll have to give it a go sometime. ^^