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Kibou - Page 6

The elf girl’s name is Eliya, by the by. It’s not important, but that’s what it is.

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Why should we learn the elf girl's name? She is so a minor character :)
kabocha's avatar
Seemed like a good idea at the time; copying old comments from the comic, etc, etc.
ZeroRinas's avatar
Too bad for you I've read your entire comic already. Oh wait; have you added any new pages in the past few weeks?
kabocha's avatar
Unfortunately, no. What little bit of artworks I've gotten done aren't comic related, and it makes me sad. :<
I should get to that when my hand is feeling more cooperative. (working up a backlog to prevent this kind of stuff from happening again in the future -- I like to work at least 5~10 pages ahead, ya know?)
ZeroRinas's avatar
Huh? What happened to your hand?
kabocha's avatar
Carpal tunnel and some issues with the ulnar nerve. :< Drawing is slow going, and I don't normally take my tablet around with me for the days when I do... Maybe I should just switch to traditional means or something. ^^;
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Oh. I wanted to ask if you would interested in doing a short comic, but nevermind that...for now?

kabocha's avatar
Hahaha, we shall have to see. It depends on when things heal up and what's going up then! I'm hoping to at least have some functionality back this weekend so I can work on the pages I have left... XD
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