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Kibou - Page 5

I really don't like drawing bricks.

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That's why mangaka have assistants to do it for them. ^.~

Or you can try to cheat with Photoshop or some other program...
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Hahaha, yeah. XD If I could hire assistants, I would! I've been weird about using tones and photoshop for this comic, but maybe I should just make some patterns to save my butt.
KinnoHitsuji's avatar
Comic works does have some way to add patterns, doesn't it? O.o;; Save yourself some time and pain! ^_^
kabocha's avatar
Kinda sorta! I haven't been using it for comics in a while... (Been mostly doing low-res on Photoshop!)

Pffft, save pain? XD I'm starting to wonder if I'm masochistic with this stuff... (Sometimes I'm too stubborn to do anything and just sit there and draw...)
KinnoHitsuji's avatar
Masochism? XD

Join the club with the animation people. Spend a week with only rice and condiments and then writhe in pain when your animation goes by in a few seconds and then watch people take clips from real animation and call it real stuff.

That is also pain...

^_^ But I do all sorts of art masochism... so I'll say this: I know your pain! XP Maybe you should ask people to apply for the position of assistant for free in exchange for learning how to draw manga.
kabocha's avatar
Ahahha, holy crap, yeah. XD;

So glad I'm not an animator! I've tried it before, and that is just a whole 'nother level of devotion!

Hahaha, maybe one day! ...If I could get my boyfriend in on it I'd be SET. (Oh, and I can imagine... Just take good care of your hands! Don't end up with carpal tunnel! [it HURTS!])
KinnoHitsuji's avatar
BFs make good assistants if you can get them to do it. ^.~

But Takeuchi-sensei's husband used her in the reverse way... I'm sure she's there on deadlines...

And yeah, stretch your appendages often. ^_^
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Yeah. xD I might see about getting an extra tablet if I can sway him to helping one of these days! (He used to play editor for me at one point or another!)

Aaah, I didn't realize Takeuchi-sensei's husband did that! I keep forgetting that he is a manga artist as well!
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