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Bubbles + Orbs

Did you ever think you needed bubbles?

This is kind of a remake of my older bubble set, but... BETTER.  Or at least I think so.  I've been working on it a while.


Star!Basic Terms:
Bullet; White Free to use in any (including commercial) works
Bullet; White This set is not to be resold
Bullet; White Please link back if you redistribute the set

Full version of Terms: Materials Policy, List, and FAQ

Star!Image Pack Available at

These brushes are for Photoshop CS2 and newer, and may work in GIMP.
They will not work in SAI, MangaStudio, or other programs that do not recognize the ABR format.

Need to know how to install a brush set?
Installing a brush set in PS by kabocha
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Thanks very much for your brushes ;P

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Probably not. The image pack linked in the description would work best.
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is it okay if I make a Procreate version of these brushes?
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As long as you release them under the same terms as I have, and put a link back to them, that's okay.
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will do and thank you.
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YAAAAAAY!!! :heart:
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So many bubbles! *_* I almost did some deformed ones, but I got too lazy!
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Bubbles are awesome!!! :la:
Again, looking forward to playing!!
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