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44. Two Roads

(Crosspost from MangaBullet)

I started on this... I dunno when.
Finished it a few nights ago or so. XD I am slow.

Anyway. The three characters are...

Yeju - a healer and herbalist. She's ~25 years old.
Hua Nuan (Kanon) - 19 years old, works in her brother's restaurant/inn.
Xun - 29 years old, owns an inn, more or less. Knows Yeju, but really doesn't like her.

Anyway, I hope the idea of the theme is pretty clear -- It was mentioned to me that my art suffers a bit when my hand's bugging me, and I suppose there's somethin' to that.
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So awesome! I love the coloring here and the idea too!
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:3 Thanks! I'm glad you like the concept! I kind of wanted it to be clear that she had a choice to make...
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You're welcome!:D