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Origami Pikachu

I had this origami book and there was one for a bunny. As I was folding it, I realized the shape started to remind me of Pikachu. xD

I just love that furry little yellow thing : D

All I used for this was yellow construction paper, black and red marker, white-out, and this page from my origami book. [link]
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do you mind if i make?! D: i really want to! >x< pikachuuu...
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There is a real Origami Pikachu [link]
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But this one is cuter :D
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Ahhh! It's Pikachu, me like. I know a full bodied Pikachu.
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i love pikachu yay
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its pikachu..... dont need another reason to like it lol
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That is so cute. I want one now!
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Must Catch! :pokeball: GO POKEBALL!!!!!!!! :iconpokeballplz:
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Awww. When I first saw Pikachu I really thought he looked like a bunny not a mouse. :XD:
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Please post instructions on how to do this! It would be amazing : DD
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EPIC!!!!!! You should post step by step instructions on how to do this!
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how did you make it?
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LOL so kawaii!!!!! :D
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gasp~ searching bunny origami now!! haha pikapika is so cute =D
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How cute he is... the pic is so vibrant too
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