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Chainsaw Surgery

This is a gift art for :iconblackstrogg: :) I so much wanted something futuristic but without all that w40k stuff, so I started this as my strogg design attempt. This time I made some kind of line art before going into painting [link] and it was quite fun =) I think that it's time to make a little bit more complex futuristic scene =) Hope to see "Quake" movie someday, with large scale orbital assault and human-strogg massacre ^__^
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Super dessin, mais n'en n' attends pas trop d'un film Quake, quand on voit ce qu'a donné l'adaptation cinématographique de Doom...
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Incredible, the colors are so perfect, very imprecive. You captured the quake essence perfectly. As an old time gamer I often imagen a new quake game, with a modern take on the old sci fi designs of the Quake2 strogg. This is exactly what I would love to see. Love it.
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totally badass
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this is so real
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круто! похоже на скрин с игрушки))
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спасибо! =)
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It looks UGLY... Well done! :D I realy hope that this wont be ur last Strogg here ;)
I promised myself not to model these aliens again... but this artwork crashed my will....
Great work on surface texture :)
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Thank you! Yeah, it sure is not the last strogg for me :D
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Great light and shadows, looks 3D well done!
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Thank you ^__^
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2 words: AWESOME WORK! :D
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Hi there!:)

just wanted to inform you that this wonderful image has been featured in my latest journal. Feel free to take a look at:


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Thank you very much! =)
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Wow. just wow.
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Thank you very much! =)
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No problem :D it's amazing.
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Реалистично млять
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Спасибо :)
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охренительно круто!)
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