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Published: November 13, 2009
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The Loup-Garou, or Rougarou, of Louisiana folklore.

In the Cajun legends, the creature is said to prowl the swamps around Acadiana and Greater New Orleans, and possibly the fields or forests of the regions. The rougarou most often is described as a creature with a human body and the head of a wolf or dog, similar to the werewolf legend. (from wikipedia)

Oh holy crap, I actually attempted a background for once. Whatdaya know?
Colored sketch (you can see the lineart here in scraps- [link] )
I'd wanted to get this in before Halloween but it took too long. Oh well...hope ya like!
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KosmoKOYOTEHobbyist Traditional Artist
I was born in Louisiana and have heard of the myths the
Cajuns tell of the Loup-Gagrou.You brought him to life with
your artwork!
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awesome job on the pic ;3 they had a display of the loup-garou in the new orleans zoo. I tried looking for books about it I couldn't find it tho only a poetry book :\ but they seemed pretty into this if you asked the locals about it. 
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The only reason that this creature terrifies me is because

... Guess which state I live in... (-_-)

I don't believe it's not real,but I don't think it is either.

Fun fact

"Loup-garou" comes from English/European mythology and when they came to America it eventually became "Rougarou."
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Shadowhunter625Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome werewolf!
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This is insaneness in a very very good and talented way!
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BlackSheep6Hobbyist General Artist
Looks great, but it creeps me out totally!!
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Awesome piece. I love werewolves. Didn't know about Loup-Garou.

Backgrounds can be hard to do. I try and do backgrounds when I can. Yours turned out really good. Trees and water. All good.
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KaazielStudent Digital Artist
Thanks so much!
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HedgehodgeMonsterHobbyist Digital Artist
lol The funny thing is that I first heard about this term "Loup-Garou" from Stephen King's "It", and basically they are using the literal meaning of the term to describe Pennywise...

and now I see this guy in a clown suit. I laugh

and then I imagine him asking me if I want a balloon, that they all float, and that they all float down there and I'll float too, and I'm creeped.
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Tsaag Photographer
Hello, do you allow me to use this picture for my article ? : [link] ?

(sorry for the bad english, I'm french)
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KaazielStudent Digital Artist
Sure, go ahead. :)
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Very cool looking
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Oh my gosh I love you for this. So. Much.

I'm from Louisiana and I used to read stories of the Loup-Garou
in the folklore books.
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gah, two of my favorite things. cajun stuff and werewolves. yesss.

although, i think a werewolf prowling around eating people in the swamps gives a whole new meaning to "cajun food."
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I must be honest and I say that I liked the sketch more. Buthey, nice work on the background man, you made it in a style which kinda suits the character's design, sweet.
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KaazielStudent Digital Artist
Yeah, I think I actually like the sketch better too. The background kind of draws away from the subject in this.
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XaidurkHobbyist General Artist
I love how his eyes kinda pop outta the background. Great job!
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KaazielStudent Digital Artist
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ThirdPotatoProfessional Digital Artist
I love the lanky gnarliness of it all!!!! Great environment too! Guah why is this HOT? XD
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oh wow
I'm loving that detail on the creature, all those tiny little hairs out of place on it's snout, the wirey hair on it's back...and those claws :D

and that background is very very good, surprising seeing as you do not make many pictures with backgrounds (no offense)
it is the water texture and the vines that really catch my eye on this one

lookin' good!
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YA I LIKE II DUDE!!! I love too learn about new(for me) legends or miths!!!
Sweet Rougarou! Love it! ^^
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How awesome, nice job. Swamp werewolves sounds crazy.
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