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Crocodile eats Tiger

By Kaaziel
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Request from :iconemmy2: for a contest I guess to do an illustration for a kids book. The picture is supposed to be a crocodile that just ate a tiger that was trying to eat a little boy.
I decided to go for a before and after sort of pic here. Hope you like!
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Hello there,

I highly doubt you check DeviantART anymore, and if you do, likely infrequently, but I just wanted to share with you that I just saw this image in one of my college lectures.

Me, absolutely consumed with despair at the prospect of having seen vore in a college course that I am receiving college credit for and which is a requirement for my degree, was immensely relieved to Google your name and see this was never intended to be fetishy.

I doubt you are particularly vitriolic at the concept of having your art used (and, perhaps, were even asked for permission first), but for the record, the course I saw it in was:

University of Florida's Online PSY2012 with Professor Dorey. She used it erroneously in a little quiz bumper asking about the total number of morphemes in a sentence mentioning "Gator"-- clearly this isn't a gator, haha. Your signature was fully intact.

Just wanted to share this with you because I thought it was funny (and am so, so glad I didn't see vore content in my college course, good God).

Poor tiger.
Illustrasion is beautiful.;3
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This is like the Disney short 'Goliath 2'.
ZzkronicherozZ's avatar
ignore the triple posting glitch
ZzkronicherozZ's avatar
hey the signature says catlin... why catlin is that your last name?
maugryph's avatar
good crocodile that is really a gator
Jblask's avatar
BEcause big lizards will always win over big cats. HA!:D

So this is a picture from a story then?
volae's avatar
Sad thing is a tiger would tear the crocodile in half before the crocodile could get it's jaws down. :( As much as I love crocodiles, they're no match for big cats.
b1k's avatar
Just like 'Disneys Goliath 2'. This is becoming a trend.
Konishu's avatar
hahaha nice expresions!! I love crocs!
SolarCarol's avatar
oooh....bad croc.
glasgoWind's avatar
Run tiger! Ruuu... ah nevermind, it's too late. :D
rysa-1's avatar
omg, poor tiger. He didn't have a chance, did he?
Reyshi16's avatar
The tiger's expression is priceless :P
Pennaz91's avatar
Man this is very impressive! I love crocodiles in cartoony style!
f-reddy's avatar
awsome cartoony style! in fact, one of the best i've seen on dA.
Kaaziel's avatar
*blush* You think so? Thanks so much, I'm flattered! :D
jack07's avatar
not usually into vore
but that crocodile is too cute to pass up
Kaaziel's avatar
Thanks! And I don't really count this as vore, it's not meant to be fetishy at all, just good ol' fashioned cartooniness. :)
jack07's avatar
cartooniness is good!
who doesnt love cartoons?
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