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Elwynn forest

fan art
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Stumbled across this in FB being sold as a canvas print. I had to find out who the artist was; what a great painting of nostalgic times.

Just wanted to let you know that I've been offered a canvas print of this piece by two different sellers on facebook. it was coming from facebook sellers olivcutt, vincented and one other forgot to grab the name of, but they seem to all be the same company.

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Ambience: Music

Why is the town named Goldshire? Cause precious memorys are gold.

Everything was better when it was new and unknown.
When we were still such Noobs and our skills not as grown.

Now we are mighty, now we are known, but no matter how much loot we may find and how much riches we own...
... we look back at the times when we knew nothing and no one and explored all alone.

Yes it was monotone, the world threw us no bone, we had no goals, no qoutas, no routine to abide.
Only the call of adventure... our flimsy might and our crappy gear at our side.
But it was good enough, our minds determined and tough...

... and we look back at this big strange trip with curses and horrays...
knowing full well, they may have been simple... but they truly have been much better days.
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Really really good job ! (I'am a French fan)
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Good lord, it's all hitting me at once. Right in the nostalgia.
corpsefighter's avatar
So nostalgic ;-; It's absolutely beautiful!
xNarttu's avatar
I love the human and dwarf greeting each other xD
Hi guy. Really good pictures. Just saw it on 9gag under the title "memories" so if it wasn't you, you should report it
aelandia's avatar
Very well done!
DJRigour's avatar
This is so cool - brings back a lot of memories :).  I'd totally have a print of this in my living room.
KAaSTuroveC's avatar
Thank you! You make me happy!)))
s3iorus's avatar
Офигенный арт!!! Обожаю Элвинский Лес!
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Amazing work! Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing the full res!
KAaSTuroveC's avatar
Thank you guys! I am glad you like it!
I love this game))
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A loooooot of nostalgic feeling over here. Congratulations for this.
LionladyJasmine's avatar
I love the warm feeling this picture gives, and how everything looks soft. You just did an amazing job. :D
justcallmeque's avatar
love it! I have been playing since 2005, and it made me smile! Thank you!
Jezuyz's avatar
Holy fuck,so cool,great job man
CHAIRBOYY's avatar
Yesssss I wanna go there
icefrosty's avatar
such a nice place :)
Spectrum-Charge's avatar
Goldshire has to be the best social area in any MMO.
CoquelicotsDuSoir's avatar
So gorgeous! What a lovely piece of art. :heart:
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