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Genie Juri
The beautiful Interpol agent Chun Li faced down her opponent Juri Han.  
"Juri Han!" Chun Li shouted.  "You are charged with aiding and abetting the terrorist organization S.I.N.  Do you have anything to say in your defense?"
The evil Korean Taekwondo expert licked her lips.  "Yeah…you're gonna have to catch me first."
Her left eye began to generate a purple glow.  "The S.I.N. boys gave my Feng Shui Engine an upgrade," she announced.  "Here's where we see what it can do!"
Chun Li tensed, ready to leap to the side.  The glow brightened, grew blinding…and with a  flash, Juri disappeared!
Chun Li blinked.  What had happened?  She looked down and saw the Feng Shui Engine.  But…where was Juri?
"After Interpol got their hands on the Feng Shui Engine," Crimson Viper's boss at the CIA told her, "they turned it over to us.  They knew about your cover as a S.I.N. agent, and wanted your opinion on what went wrong with t
:iconkaaslave:kaaslave 5 9
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Alchemy :iconkaaslave:kaaslave 0 0
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Bio-Mass :iconkaaslave:kaaslave 1 0
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Rock :iconkaaslave:kaaslave 0 0
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Corpus :iconkaaslave:kaaslave 0 0
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Slo-Mo :iconkaaslave:kaaslave 1 0
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Merman :iconkaaslave:kaaslave 0 0
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City of Mist - Powerhouse :iconkaaslave:kaaslave 0 0
The Jungle Book - City of Mist style
Mythos: Mowgli (The Jungle Book)
Logos: Chandra Mogali, zookeeper
THEME #1: Bastion (Charmed Life)
A. Blind luck
B. Just standing near them
C. The worst of troubles just seem to miss me
Weakness: B. Even my luck can run out.
Mystery: "How far can I push my luck?"
THEME #2: Expression (Tongues of Beasts)
A. Speak with animals
C.    Calling for aid
I.      Feral
Weakness: A. Few or no animals around
Mystery: "Which world do I belong in, the human world or the jungle?"
THEME #3: Routine (Zookeeper)
A. Zookeeper
D.    The animals
F.     Asking questions
Weakness: B. Animal poop
Identity: "The animals are my responsibility."
THEME #4: Training (Hunting)
A. Tracking prey
C.    Combat
G.    My knife
Weakness: B. Scars
Identity: "I'm a survivor."
Mythos: Kaa (The Jungle Book)
Logos: Cynthia Miller
THEME #1: Divination (The Dead Seasons)
A. Postcognition
F.     Predict an enemy's next move
I.   &
:iconkaaslave:kaaslave 4 0


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Morrigan Summoning V2 by AzoSama
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Morrigan Summoning V2 :iconazosama:AzoSama 49 3
Dead by Daylight Killer Profile : The S.J.W
["This freck is something no person alive will ever want to see a beast large as a whale as ugly as a hag and with a scream like a banshee that somehow gave us phones just to yell at us more..”] Unknown
General Information 
- [The S.J.W ]
- [Unknow] 
- [Most likely Amarican ] 
Realm - (Means your specific hunting ground or map!)
- [A collage campus] 
-[A large fork]
Special Power 
- [Online "Debate"- You will show them that they are wrong and probably a Nazi! You can post a random post online to a random survivor who will have a terror radius with them and emit a loud noise anytime they do something at all. The survivor will have to do a channel to debate you then you block them for a bit. Can only be used one at a time with certain add ons add special abilities.]
- [It will start screaming and yelling and crying before laying on top of them crushing them to death between there folds.]
:iconking-aries:King-Aries 2 11
Dead by Daylight Survivor Profile: Fran
Full name: Fran Madaraki
Nicknames: The Professor Middle daughter
/ The Doctor
Age: 17 
Gender/Gender Identity: Female 
Sexual orientation: Bi-curious
Ethnicity: Japanese 
Languages: All known languages
Place of birth: Unknown/Possiblely Japan
[“At this point I wonder who is really the monster. When I first met this young girl I thought she was like Frankenstein monster but she is smart kind and fixed me up before running off to help another. The oddest thing is she almost looked like Frankenstein monster only more human like in nature ” Unknown ]
General description: While she is covered in stitches and has two bolts in her head she is quite a nice young girl but with a mind and intelligence that can make anyone feel ashamed.
Strengths: She knows how to help people and fix them up. She is a doctor after all.
Weaknesses: She doesn't like to harm the killers actually letting herself get hurt even when she has a c
:iconking-aries:King-Aries 3 2
Isabelly dance by IsabellaOC Isabelly dance :iconisabellaoc:IsabellaOC 55 10 genie commission by ThiccBae genie commission :iconthiccbae:ThiccBae 30 4 CMS- JenTai by Shardanic CMS- JenTai :iconshardanic:Shardanic 178 23 Morrigan Aensland for ppgrainbow by ShikiyoShirou Morrigan Aensland for ppgrainbow :iconshikiyoshirou:ShikiyoShirou 34 7 Horrors: ASC The Cannibal and Prowler by MissMonahell Horrors: ASC The Cannibal and Prowler :iconmissmonahell:MissMonahell 3 2


Timothy Shanahan
United States
Stories: $5 per paragraph

Art: $10 per drawing; $20 for color

I take PayPal, and my e-mail address is


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