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Armor making the Kaaskop way 1

I finally had some time to make this :P
I still have to put a lot of work in my on going costume projects so this wasn't really a priority.

Anyways Part 1 features the cardboard construction of the helmet from my armor concept.
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This is a really inventive way of doing this! I really like it! Thanks for the tutorial!
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i am inspired with this! going to try it with eva foam :)
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Where would you normally get 1mm cardboard from?
Lovely tutorial. It's quite inspiring.
HuorNolatari's avatar
awesome work man, thanks a lot for the tutorial :)
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please make more of this this. i found this tutorial is the best I've found on the internet. it can be applied to any type of cos-play or armor construction. also i would love it if you could post more of your rough work, i found your sketches proportioned well.
if you don't mind me asking, how did you draw the arches for the frame to get the curves so clean. I mostly free-handing them right now, and im not to happy with the results. thanks
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Free-hand, but if you have trouble making curves you can get these templates that look a bit like ice-skate-irons that you can get at an art supply store.
ok, thanks for the advice.
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Looks great man, i find this very helpful :D
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any patterns for sizing and correct cutting?
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Sorry there aren't any patterns.
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This is one of the most helpful things I've ever seen. Just a few questions, though:

Would this work for making something more rounded, like a motorcycle helmet?

What do you use as a cushion between the inside of the helmet and your head?
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It's almost impossible to make something perfectly round with purely cardboard.
To make it rounder you need more "segments" and you have to make it rounded by applying something, for example a car-body-filler like Bondo and sand it.

To cushion it I just going to glue some foam on the inside.
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Yeah, I was thinking Bondo would have to get involved in this somewhere. Thanks, man!
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No problem, at first I wasn't a big fan of Bondo. It requires a lot more work but the result with it is great. Your prop gets a lot stronger and you get a solid finish so I really start to appreciate it.
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hey can u gie me tips on making a helmet of my own its my avatart i have some ic in my gallery
whats the foam called
what is the frame made out of
kaaskop's avatar
100% cardboard construction.
thats fantastic n where u gt they cardboard
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got the cardboard at an artsupply shop.
awesome so im making a space marine costume what would u suggest to use
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