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Colonial Demolition / The steps
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Published: July 5, 2012
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( step one: Collect underpants. Step four: Profit)

To fit the new, the old has to go. Be a part of the rebuilding effort.

Apply now!

Introducing the tools of the trade:

Mobile Foam Dispensers
Former Infantry Running mines are gutted and fitted with pressure nozzles and are turned in to mobile foam dispensers.
They scurry about and identify key locations at demolition sites and spread foam. The former mines explosive charge is substituted with a structure devouring biodegradable foam that has a fixed decay rate. It is extremely corrosive to inorganic material but is not particularly harmful to organic matter. As the target site starts to crumble the MFD:s scurry around and balance out the toppling building by applying more foam where needed. They then brace for impact and let the building crash atop of them.
The more resourceful ones survive to demolish another day.
The MFD:s are built using plastic alloys and organic, grown circuitry, and are not largly subsessible to the structure devouring foam they spread. Their unusual construction is a result of the need to disguise them from metal- and other detectors in their former strategic use.

Autonomous Prostetics Harness & SmartWear
Sometimes you need more appendages. Or more strength and stamina. These additions come in various user-specified forms. And are in essence modular blocks connected to each other by a strong magnetic links. Each block being an autonomous part of a whole. These are usually combined with SmartWear clothes that have attachment points for the harness.
Anything can be built using these, from helping tentacles adept at repairing small objects, to a complete supporting mobile exoskeleton. The prosthetics and harness can be specified to be self-aware. The most common specification mode being survival and evacuation: In case of loss of physical abilities or mental capacity the autonom drags the operator away to a extraction point. A sad but periodical occurrence in extreme planetary or orbital demolition operations.

The Demolition Technician
The most vital part and the brains behind of any demo-gig. Besides a need to be adept at calculating destruction probabilities, technicians are familiarized deeply with operating autonomies. And with time the harness and autonoms become an logical extension. As use of medical harnesses give an edge, applicants with disabilities that are intimately familiar with autonom technology and its use are prioritized at recruitement.

A part of the Cambrian universe / Copyright 2012
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