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Vines and butterflies-tattoo

Quite simple tattoo and this time customer had examples what she wanted there. Those three names are names of her children. I couldn't ask her more than 30 euros from this.

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This is incredible! Would you mind if I used it as a reference when I get a tattoo? It's exactly what I'm looking for (minus the names of course!).
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Thanks but I don't know. The idea is customer's and this is made for her and paid. If you want this kind of tattoo, you should change more things about it.
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Ok, fair enough, I'll ask a tattoo artist to design something similar, but not the same! Thank you anyway! :happybounce:
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Jan 13 2012 02:48 PM
It's really pretty!

Jan 13 2012 02:50 PM
Wow!! i want a tattoo -_-' i might get one soon. hope its as pretty as some of th ones you have/drew o-o

Jan 14 2012 03:47 AM
. . .Ohmahgawd I love it. <3 Raven you're an amazing artist.

Feb 15 2012 07:12 PM
awww! It's so gorgeous! Raven, when I get to Finland, I will buy a tattoo from you... Will you sketch my surname (Santos) in different styles? Something dark, gothic... o_o you have a year and a half, go! XD