RealmOfFantasy: Give a Feature, Get a Feature #32

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Welcome to this collection of art, featured by the members of :iconrealm-of-fantasy:!

:bulletpurple: Fantasy, by it's core definition, is "the free play of creative imagination". Realm-of-Fantasy is a place for fantasy enthusiasts to come and share their imagination, and meet others with a similar passion. This is a group for Fantasy and SciFi related artwork and literature, and all skill levels and mediums are welcome.

:bulletpurple: Realm-of-Fantasy is now running a continuing "Give a Feature, Get a Feature" in our group. Do you have a favourite Fantasy/SciFi piece on deviantART? Or maybe you know of a Fantasy/SciFi piece that just isn't getting enough exposure? Would you like to get a little exposure yourself? Well, this the time and place to speak up. You pick it, we promote it. And as a bonus we will pick a piece of yours to feature as well, so get those features coming. ;)

These are the features handed in to the last “Give a Feature, Get a Feature” group blog. We will update both the blog and this newsarticle each week on Sunday, so if you want to get featured here next week, hand in your suggestions under the following link:

:bulletpurple: The “Give a Feature, Get a Feature” group blog with the submission guidelines: :fuzzydemon:…

:bulletpurple: Notice: Only 20 slots will be available each week, so make sure to be quick! ;)

If you have any questions concerning this news article, do not hesitate to note us over at Realm-of-Fantasy!

Take care everyone, and enjoy this week's features!

:iconkaanamoonshadow: & :iconpandemoniumfire: & :icongloriapm:
Members of the Realm-of-Fantasy Creative Team

:bulletpurple: Give a Feature, Get a Feature #32 :bulletpurple:
:thumb175167001: by :iconjulian-faylona: Featured by :iconsupersmurgger: :thumb178312113:
by :iconrolandboyce: Featured by :iconaikurisu: Kaen's Lightsaber by Aikurisu
Syrian by Eun-su by :iconeun-su: Featured by :iconsyrrhaal: :thumb178716813:
Queen of Fairies by DreddaBrutallac by :icondreddabrutallac: Featured by :iconfazzzzza: :thumb176125757:
Majesty by cfryant by :iconcfryant: Featured by :iconhotaruthodt: Luciva... by HotaruThodt
hades and persephone 1 by sandara by :iconsandara: Featured by :iconanez-erynlis: :thumb169574887:
Shinskra, wind spirit by Nekranea by :iconnekranea: Featured by :iconmemilly: New Directions by meMilly
hito-kikai-4 by shichigoro756 by :iconshichigoro756: Featured by :iconpigsaint: Akai Hitomi by PigSaint
:thumb176878397: by :iconteyanna: Featured by :iconfaust-sayuri: DeathDealer by faust-sayuri
Welcome to wonderland by LittleEdward by :iconlittleedward: Featured by :iconkeltainen: Spacerider by Keltainen
:thumb177906839: by :iconaurora-boredomalis: Featured by :iconrichardchaplin: :thumb177925041:
horde 1 by vladrozgozo by :iconvladrozgozo: Featured by :iconhalismi: The Hookah Smoking Caterpillar by halismi
:thumb156998370: by :icondoroxdoro: Featured by :icongoldendruid: The Art of Shape Sifting by GoldenDruid
Darkanwhite dragon by FENIXRECKONING by :iconfenixreckoning: Featured by :icondestro2k: Amaterasu by Destro2k
Legolas by Gellihana-art by :icongellihana-art: Featured by :iconmoon-blossom: :thumb173132526:
Legacy of Kain by jmsnooks by :iconjmsnooks: Featured by :iconkainthevampirelord: Tree of fears by KainTheVampireLord
4 - Robur the Conqueror by OXOTHUK by :iconoxothuk: Featured by :iconsergsorokin: :thumb169264822:
Pathfinder City  Golden Death by faroldjo by :iconfaroldjo: Featured by :iconlwsypher: sora by Lwsypher
:thumb155090189: by :iconfalarsimons: Featured by :iconsteel-fang: Above the Sunrise 1 by steel-fang
:thumb176393629: by :iconunfred-art: Featured by :iconcaliphone: Forest Gem by Caliphone

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tomjhyde's avatar
I'd like to feature :iconmajorkerina: with her work :thumb172141750: [link]

Thank you :)
KaanaMoonshadow's avatar

thank you for your suggestion, but as it's stated in the rules above, these suggestions have to get listed under the current group blog as a comment, and not the news article. Since next week's blog is already full, I'd suggest that you wait til Sunday and then suggest this piece again! :hug:
tomjhyde's avatar
Whoops! Sorry about that. Wasn't paying enough attention.

Thank you! :)
hiram67's avatar
great features :)
KaanaMoonshadow's avatar
Thanks - I'm glad you like these features, and hope you found some new :+fav:s! :cuddle:
hiram67's avatar
YippieYaYeeh's avatar
Wow, this news on the front page! woohoo! :iconexcitedplz:
KaanaMoonshadow's avatar
We do whatever we can to promote you! ;)
YippieYaYeeh's avatar
Haha, thats awesome! :D
R-Tan's avatar
Brillant feature. Lets hope more groups adopt this idea.
KaanaMoonshadow's avatar
Thanks - I'm glad you like the idea, and I agree with you! ;)
Asterisk-Sky's avatar
really nice concept! :clap:

and nice work!!!

so it's like by the public , for the public :lol:
KaanaMoonshadow's avatar
Exactly - glad you like the features of this news! ;)
Kassumi-7921's avatar
Id love to feature ~EpicMyst [link] and/or [link] She does mostly traditional type art and I find it very detailed and well done. She deserves more attention :)

Also `hibbary has some amazing work. [link] [link] are some good examples :)
KaanaMoonshadow's avatar
Thank you for your suggestion, but we can only feature those added under the blog, as is stated in the rules above.

Since the slots for the next week are probably already taken, I'd suggest that you keep an eye open for the next blog next Sunday and post your suggestions again! :cuddle:
Oktanas's avatar
Syrrhaal's avatar
Thank you very much :aww:
KaanaMoonshadow's avatar
Eun-su's avatar
thanks a lot!
KaanaMoonshadow's avatar
Fregatto's avatar
Feature suggestion:

Thumb code: :thumb153010990:
Link for the work: [link]
Artist's name DragonsCreations :icondragonscreations:

Thank you for the time!
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