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Wind Power - Weird?
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Published: June 17, 2013
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Hello friends -
i need your help in one important thing.
Sure also you are affected by the latest
rain floodings and having thoughts and hopes.
I want to ask you to think about my idea of
the worldwide windwheel power plants influence
in the cloud formations and try to find out
more respectively advertise it.

I now slept one night over all this and can say it absolutely seems
to make sense! The increased sun radiation because of atmosphere
desaturation - the time of the "technology" being spreaded - the
megaclouds not being allocated and probably much more impacts.
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New news from da socio-economy front! 
Why a relative ingenious retard can unveil all this? 
Thats simple - allserious working scientists want to additionally 
learn programming and besides studying the world wide web! 
And of course the inherits of the former capital founders of 
innovative and reasonable technologies - they spam our market 
and even worse our life and nature economyíyal systems with 
the nonsenses that their secret dictators claim!! 
Simple example - the reflective and pricey roof solar 
systems - just unadvanced selling machines - 
though made by self called economists!
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Heres a interesting link about artificial oxygen production:
Maybe in future humankind less needs power
plants but  more oxygen plants!

P.S.: Also interesting - buyable
oxygen for health increase (better to
ask a trustworthy sports medic tho):
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What if the actual responsible namely the current governments worldwide 
underrated this topic while expanding the new clean energy exploit? 
They were pretty much even more bankrupt than already before. 
Im writing this because in my tv news i still hear windpower be the 
future and even after the first inatmospherical weathers happened 
nobody ever recognized the ultimate fail. 
Btw. does anybody know about buyable oxygen 
and its production availability and pricing yet?
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For better imagination - its probably the hottest latitude the equator where the cloud formation mainly happens.
And the winds formation where warm and cold air join together like two rings north and south between equator and poles.
Thats probably also where more and more wind wheels consume them so they cant reach the fresh clouds at the equator.
Our scientists probably mostly measured the airs pollution concentrations and completely forgot the more physical process.
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Im now seeing the problem in detail - clouds grow when the sun shines
on the ocean and in this stage the winds are actually absolutely indispensable
for moving them before they reach critical dimensions! Be it or not - this is
definitively a ultimate argument against wind exploit in general.
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Sure many of us remember the old fable about Don Quixote fighting some wind mills.
Most probably because the equator near spain was already too hot without for his taste.
But since around the year 2000 the so called green energy exploit with giantic wind
power plant farms started our entire world began collapsing. Mainly with direct impact
on the cloud allocationing which now obviously more and more build huger and huger
concentrations instead of supplying our atmosphere everywhere with the normal shares.
Im not a serious working scientist nor even know the exact claimed amount of the worlds
"wind power productions" only recent observations of the cathastrophal happenings lead
me to these suspects. This call is sent out to any decent peoples who work and fight
for natures preservation to not ignore or deny obvious facts and to find out the truth
that must be stopped while its still possible!

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I sent this summary to findable US/UK/RU/CH/CA
WWF and GreenPeace email adresses and blog pages!
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It exist articles about this topic in expert publications
only nobody seemed to pay reasonable attention because of
several reasons. First the unexpected probable sensibility
of the atmospherical processes also of course the fact of
the green energy fame compared to atomic fusions and last
but not least the extreme international ignorance where no
authority who has suitably grounds ever asked for such
anomality. So im still saying the looting of this planetary
law namely the way of the winds requires explicit researches
and international agreements more than any other possible
influences. Im simply suspecting this thing be responsible
for all recent "millenium" cathastrophes lead by the huge
tsunamis which of course werent sea quakes at all much more
gigaclouds unloading into the oceans and also the many
wildfires and landside river floods and the extreme sun
radiatons of the past. Yes - even the earthquakes are
explainable since those new pressure formations in extreme
dimensions. What do you think happens when giga clouds
become too heavy while still in the air - they probably
undertake a extreme deadly dive.
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And play loud wind howling with speakers!!
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Peoples should organize demonstrations in capital
cities and wave small windwheels with fixed rotation!
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Imagine: these damn things gonna get older than humatity itself!
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Now if this isnt another strike of sexmaster
himself i wont breath further more.
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Enormous international conflict potential!
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