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The Unknown AirForce

By Kaal979
Mutant Chronicles WARZONE
Capitol Corporation Hero

This figure can relatively easy (at least compared
with sculpting new) made as conversion!
All you need are the following (rare) figures:
[link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
First you need to know that this soldier
represents a dismounted shark pilot.
Therefore the original one requires a
headswap what means you must carefully
saw off the head useing a jigsaw and replace
it with the airborne gunners one.
The rest of the parts should be obvious
but glueing them isnt realy enough.
You must use either a electric or a hand
driller (at best both) and connect the pieces
with 0.7mm thin holes to fit in a wire or better
a needle piece for supporting the stabilisation.
Also plan if the head shall more look up or not!
Btw - the airbornes head is under the helmet
really the same as the freemarines one!
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