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The epic cooperative elven fantasy
fighting boardgame for up to four players.


Four elf heroes skilled with bow and sword finally
face the evil demon they chased for such long time.
But he already awaited them and after they entered
the hall heavy bars crash down closing their way out!
Filthy laughter echoes as they prepare to fight.


One demon miniature.  
Four elf miniatures with sword and bow.
One chessboard or similar.  
One to four D6 dices.  
Around fifty small coins or toothpicks.


Players figures in different
corners and the demon in the center.
All players dice out who termines
beginner and demon facing direction.


Each player controls one hero figure and
clockwise performs one of the following actions:
>Suspension - doing nothing.
>Movement - just one field.
>Shooting - successful with dice results
four to six earns one coin and angers the demon.
>SwordStrike - possible from the fields direct around the
demon and necessary to wound him successful with dice results
four to six earns two coins and one when missing always angers him.
>MagicPerformance - allows whichever additional actions at the cost
of one coin and delays the demons actions except direct after attacks.
The games main goal is to save the heroes and to have the
most coins left after the demon was wounded four times and died.
In case of equal numbers wins who achieved the most wounds.
But players whose heroes die lose all coins immediately.
Because after a player activated his hero
the demons reactions must be executed as well.
At the games beginning the demon mocks and does
not move until a figure closes or he receives a shot.
If a figure closes he either attacks if on one of
his five front fields or in order turns for facing.
Receiving a shot termines his new target and he
turns to face it though close figures have priority.
Is the target already in his ninety degrees
face radius he forthwith moves on the next field.
Only when figures perform magic after their
regular action he does not react until either the
turn is over or once direct after a shot or close attack.
The demons attack action is successful with dice results
of one to three what also the relevant player carries out.
Hero figures that suffer a attack count as dead and must
be removed before the player termines the demons new target.
In case of doubts concerning the demons sight
radius or front fields heroes always have advantage.


Demon Cage is a great game young and older players alike
can marvel at and its a honour to spread this word - thanks!
Dont you always hate it to in order have to spent weeks of
studying and crafting before being ready for a great miniature game?
Now - your time has come - finally a simple but nonetheless thrilling
and beautiful and even cooperative boardgame for you and your friends!
Try it out and dispute!
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A simple but great variant - try playing with two basic
actions for elves and one more life for the demon!